Effective Networking

Effective Networking

I know many of us get caught up in our day-to-day lives and forget to make time for our friends, family or co-workers. When we make time to meet regularly with real people, we get to hear about all sorts of perspectives about life, business and personal relationships.

This is important for 3 reasons:
Networking can keep your social and rapport building skills sharp. Keeping in touch with these skills is imperative in business, too. Whether you are in sales, management or interviewing for a job, if you lose touch with how to communicate “IN PERSON”, you are not going to be as successful.

People who network with others tend to be more open to new ideas. They tend to be able to receive information more openly and more easily understand that other points of view have a great value. In sales, management or even relationships, this is key to solid give-and take foundation.

If you are a networker, then you will tend to me more conscious about your personal appearance and presentation. Many people still don’t realize that people who look good and care about their personal appearance, tend to be more successful in business, life and love.

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there in the interest of working on your personal skills. These skills are like knives, if you don’t keep them sharp, when you need them you’ll be dull!


"If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.”
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Great post and so true

Great post and so true

Tools of the trade

Many things you mentioned are your tools of the trade. When you network you will always learn something new from each person you talk to that is in the business.





Great post, thanks for sharing that with us. You're absolutely right, you should ALWAYS dress for success! Especially when networking, because your first impression is what others remember about you the most. I know that's what I remember about people I meet at rei clubs or whenever I network with other investors. This is your success thermostat (so to speak). If they wear old jeans and a t-shirt, chances are you might not believe they're as successful as say the guy that's wearing a nice suit and tie right? Makes sense! Eye-wink


Cool Elena Cool
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So True Jason, So True

I tell myself and those around me, "You have to dress for the next level" Whenever I leave my house no matter where I am going I try to put thought into my appearance. It is so important not to be caught off gard. You never know who God is going to put in your path at McDonald's or the Pizza House, so it is our duty to our path to be prepared with business cards, our 30 second commercial, and business cards(never leave home without this tool).

Since I started reading the Forum and reading DG TALD I have joined to networking groups here in my city, I attend a REI Club and a Women Owned Business Club, this has been so great for my level of knowledge and my contact list.....I have met Realators, Marketers, A lady that owns a refurbished door company, and a lady that owns her on Mortgage Company and she is her own bank.

So let's not take lightly who is out there waiting to meet and do business with us.

Make it a great day.


Erika, REI
Brownstone Investment Group

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REI Clubs

So tru about networking Jason. But if I had my choice, I will stick with my REI club. There is too much valuable info, tools, and contacts to miss a meeting....Jan

So True Jason

Like we will say, "you hit the nail on the head" Jason. Networking is very important in business. It provides the opportunity to meet individuals in your line of business as well as other areas of business. Through this medium we acquire added information, support and encouragement to continue on the right path.



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