Best websites for comps, values and home info?

Best websites for comps, values and home info?

I didn't see a search function in this forum so I'll just ask...

What websites do you use to get info about potential properties and why do you like them?

So far, I haven't found a local city government that has tax/home info online. I guess our cities (Albany, Troy, Schenectady) are too small or our government just doesn't think it's a necessity to put the info online. I wish they would though!

I start by searching on the internet for potential purchases. When I find a property that l like, I look it up on and sometimes I really like zillow for many reasons...

1. they show past sales up to 10 years

2. they usually show yearly taxes

3. they show size of the home, lot and amenities

4. their Zestimate is useful. In my area (upstate NY) the zestimate is usually spot on when I look up a recently sold home and compare it to the zestimate. Not always... but more often than not it is accurate to within a few $1000.

5. they show local comps that relate to the property I'm looking at. They also give the date of sale, price and photos.

5. it is a free site, easy to negotiate and fast to use.


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