Proof of Funds

Proof of Funds

I thought I'd repost this here because It might help some others with there posture...(presence)

Kelli asked what she should do...she has a seller that demands proof of funds to even SHOW the property to her, and I just assumed the scenario may have been that she was a victim of "posture" thus the message below....

Proof of funds
I think this one is a matter of posture. When you made initial contact you need to let the seller feel that this is a professional call, and that you indeed are an Investor....part of a group of investors that are possibly interested in his property if it pencils out. The more that you gain the confidence and the language skills that you need estate will be more apparent that you are who you represent yourself to be. Posture is important. It sends a message of strength, of your ability to perform etc...If the seller had brought that up to me I might have said something like....."I understand your wearyness, however I am not calling to waste your time. I have many more calls to make, and If we can't meet perhaps you should wait for a more conventional buyer to come along. By the way we can close in 2 weeks or less. Anyway.....thanks for your time. Here is my number if you want to work with us. We buy homes all the time, and yours looked like a possible aquisition." How do you think that would have been taken....? He would have thought......wait.....don't leave......I was just testing you....sure come on over. If he didn't respond that way...he's an that point you leave your name and number and let him STEW.


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