One of the things that I am realizing is that it could very well be invaluable to utilize the help of my RE Agent in a BIG way.

I missed another pre-forclosure, and I found out that it was actually listed and that I would have been able to use an agent to help me with the deal. So what I decided was..... HOW do I include my agent in a much bigger way?

Then it hit me. I called her and I told her that I wanted her to get together of ALL "listed" pre-forclosures that were more than 120 days Old , AND their information to show me what they OWE on the house as well as the COMPS.

With this information I can quickly look at the property and its value ....then evaluate the DEBT that is held against the property.

Then I can decide if the Debt to VALUE ratio is in line with any possible HARD MONEY loan scenario.

This saves ME.....TONS OF TIME.....I can easily look through find the BEST deals and then because they are LISTED........I can have HER make an offer at MY price REGARDLESS to the price they are trying to get.

REMEMBER.....I am looking at people whose home has been on the market ALREADY for 4 months.....In's 6 months and you are OUT !!.....So I think this minimum parameter (120 days on the market)for my selections will help with finding MOTIVATED SELLERS.....they realize that they haven't had any other offers and that they have 2 months left.

Also.....I want to get her to send me the every days newest preforclosure listings....

I think that this information...followed up with analysis.......should have a very fruitful harvest.


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sweet thinking

good luck with that my friend. I think I will follow suit, I like that idea! good job bro


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