Possible way to Assign without signing "And/Or Assigns"

Possible way to Assign without signing "And/Or Assigns"

Hello everyone-I've recently completed DEANS BARM book; and have his second book on order. I've learned SO MUCH just from reading everyones Blogs; and just wanted to thank all of you for your forum topics;and your journals (Rina; Elyon, CBRPower; Anita; etc. etc etc.....). they are a GREAT source of inspiration to me to continue forward with Real Estate.
I have been focusing (like many of us) on Assignments-and been creating a Folder with all the information I can get on them(most from this Forum).. I have read many times on the potential "roadblocks" that sometimes people run into by signing "And/OR Assigns" so they can assign the contract. I watched a YouTube video on Wholesaling the other day-and an Investor uses the Real Estate Addendum (which Supercedes the contract-I believe) and writes ""BUYER has the UNQUALIFIED RIGHT to close property in ANY NAME or ENTITY of his/her choice". This investor uses this Clause to Assign the contract; and did not say he signs "And/Or Assigns".. OK- any thoughts on this strategy? thank you all for your input..


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My thought

The addendum says "Buyer has the Unqualified right". If this contract was transferred to another buyer, the original buyer would not be qlosing on the property. I am not sure this would stand up if it were challenged.




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Assignments / Double Close ?

Hi folks, a new user here,but I've been watching and reading and get
more excited everyday. I found a link in one of these forums that seems as though it should solve a lot of problems. Has any one had any experince with
http://www.coastal-funding.com/index.html ??

If they are reputable and dependable, What a way to go!!
Please give me any feedback you have.
Thanks, Dave


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You can also use an LLC you

You can also use an LLC you have formed specifically for the deal. You buy the house with the LLC and then sell the company to your buyer. That is oversimplified, obviously. If you like the idea, go to www.reiclub.com and do a search on the subject.

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