Southern California Bird-Dogger needed

Southern California Bird-Dogger needed

What is the best way to find someone in this area to look for a foreclosure for me? I live across the country and want someone to help me find one and look at it for an honest opinion. It's for my residential home. (hemet/poway area)

Can bird-doggers share profits too? Like if I had one do some work for me that I liked and when I get there he still finds things and I give the info to the buyer and I still give him a profit.

There are soooo many laws.



Southern California man

Hello geekmom,
Greetings from Southern California! I happened to run into your post and yes I am more than willing to be your Bird-Dogger out here in Hemet, CA. Let me know what you are looking for and I'll be able to get you pictures and other stuff that you need.




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