Looking for HELP

Looking for HELP

Hello DG Family. I need help. I have read Dean's books, read a lot of the posts on here. I've listened to other educators and I am still NO WHERE. I truly want this to happen for me and my family in 2015. I am currently unemployed and I have all the time in the world to pursue this dream. BUT I AM LOST. Every time some great information that I need to get to where I want to be costs money (information on how to post ads on craigslist, or even where to post ads....How to get cash buyers/investors.....how to get the money you need to contract a house and wholesale this....Please ... if there is someone out there who wants to help me....I am a quick study. I will split my deals if I have to. I honestly just want to get my first deal under my belt.

I have been a part of the DG Family for awhile now ... and have been following Dean for over 5 years. And I am still at a loss.

I have tried craigslist -- obviously, I am not writing the correct ad.

I listened to Matt's webinar but unfortunately, I did not have the money to obtain his information.

PLEASE HELP ME. Any information anyone can afford me would be great.

Thank you all for your time and assistance.


Dawn D. (Florida)


“What you focus on, you attract.”

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30 days to RE Cash

Have you downloaded Dean's free book mentioned in the subject line from this website on the main page? Just follow that you have your blueprint there, you don't need to buy anything sure the training will help you go faster & with less bumps & headaches but if you cant do that you can do it for free.

You have to be a self starter & truly study & follow this website & do what the book says, no one will do it for you. it is hard work & if you really want it you will get it nothing will stop you. Be well.



Go faster do more! GFDM!

I totally agree with Tony!

Take advantage of this free site and all that Dean offers with free books! Be determined and go to all the local REIA clubs that you can. Go to the library and read real estate books or whatever it takes to get the knowledge to go faster with little money. Best wishes!


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I need someone on the ground in and around the Tampa area. PM me if you are interested in knowing what I need and what will be expected of you.



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Use what you know.

It sounds like you already know what to do. I highly doubt that if you keep reading other books and attending webinars that you are going to learn a new fabulous way to get into real estate.

Instead, now focus on creating a business plan. Don't focus on earning money. Focus on creating a set of steps for each part of the business you want to set up. Look over Dean's book and create a system to do what he says.

Then stick to the system you have created until you see results. It is going to take work, patience and endurance. You might have to go through your system 100 times before making a deal. But, you will have made a deal. Create the systems and then stick to them. You'll make it happen.

Re-looking for Help

Hi Dawn: i have read your post, and see where you are saying "you are lost" you may have to be more specific, and say what you are lost with,what are you doing,or trying to accomplish,then i could help you.you have to work with what you have,do not worry about money at this point, there is a lot of resources out there i could point you to.A lot of money is out there,finding the deals & crunching the numbers for it to make sense it the only thing not easy. Anyway PM me,or call (646-667-6841)



Hey Dawn, I too felt lost,

Hey Dawn,
I too felt lost, but found that reading "ALL" the way through the 30 days to fast Cash, made me see a new light. I recommend reading it, its a GREAT read and full of nothing but specific step by step details on what to do. Put everything else aside for now and follow the blueprint Dean has put together in "30 Days to Fast Cash". Trust me I sat stagnate for a few month's on days 1-5, but then decided to go ahead and read the whole book first. GREAT BOOK!!! You'll be fine. I'm a planner, need to know my next possible moves, LOL. I am also one of those put on the shelf, (more the 5) years ago, Dean Graziosi follower. You can do it! Oh, make sure you go on the site and watch Dean's weekly wisdoms.

As Dean says, "B.Y.E.", between your ears, Change Your Thinking!!

stay on it

Real Estate is huge. The world is covered in real estate. , but we must make what were going to do for business small and understandable. For people with little money theres "Wholesaling"..there are people that have money or represent people w/money that want to put it into houses...for the rent return money....there buyers.
find out exactly what they want and where,.. then get a motivated seller with a house like what they want, to accept ONE of your MANY offers, at a low enough price for you to make $2, $5 or $10.000 the buyer is happy, your happy, the sellers happy.It goes on every day. I'm learning wholesaling because if you do just (2) deals a year for $6000 profit on each.. $12,000 its is the same as a having a PAID OFF house rented at a thousand a month...Dont worry about where you think you should be.. turn around and look how far you've come..Wholesalings chatting on the phone,.. you talk to sellers, you chat with people that are ready to buy, a phone business..anyway Dawn I hope that helps...Dan Maines


Dan in Seattle..

Two Things No One EVER says.

I have pursued real estate investing for about 3 1/2 years now. Honestly it was not until last month that I finally got my first deal. I didn't say anything on here because I did not have time to. But here are two things I've realized that actually got me to my first deal.

1.) How "THEY" teach you to get a deal may NOT be how you GET a deal!
I say "they" referring mainly to all gurus, people on DG, and everyone who has done a real estate deal through typical marketing like signs, yellow letters, etc. I was so frustrated and constantly spinning my wheels because like in 30 Days To Cash it primarily focuses on bandit signs. So I ignored everything else and thought "OH, so that means I HAVE to get a deal threw my signs ONLY." This was happening subconsciously. Some people may think I'm a fool, but I believe a lot of people fall victim to this. Who cares HOW you get a deal as long as you FRIGGIN get one! People think "oh I HAVE to use black lettering on yellow signs" try blue and white for a change, more people are calling off my blue and white signs! And also I have a technique called the "HUMAN BANDIT SIGN". I have a 4ftx2ft sign I hold during rush hours times on busy streets to promote my business and actually get calls. Do "THEY" ever teach that? Heck no. My first deal was a free lead because it was some house posted FSBO on Zillow. Dang who woulda thought!!!

2.) You NEED money for Marketing
Now I know I stated I found my first deal from a free lead on Zillow. But then again it took 3 years to come across that in theory from what I've tried in the past! You NEED at least $200-500.00 a month to make this business happen FAST and BETTER your chances of getting a deal under your belt. It doesn't mean you NEED it to get a deal it means you NEED it to make it happen FASTER! No one ever talks about that reality of this business. I don't mean any disrespect to anybody but let's be honest here. The only people I know killing it in wholesaling here in Denver, CO are the ones who have money to market to sellers and have earnest money deposits for Realtors in CASE their buyer doesn't move quick enough to put it down themselves before locking up the deal. I had a second job as a dishwasher over the summer and that extra money made things go so much faster to the point where I FINALLY have real momentum and leads coming in. Again, you don't need $200-$500.00 to get a deal, you just need that per month to better your chances of making this happen faster! "No Money Down" does not necessarily mean no money down to FIND the deal.

I'm sorry to everyone who thinks this is an offensive posts in anyone but no one ever talks about these two things.



Adam Macias


Adam, I didn't think your post was offensive. I've taken so many classes and webinars and I still it has taken a few years to really start getting things going for me. Have I ever had that killer deal that made me $10K? No, but the more small deals I do the better I get.

Have I done enough deals to quit my job? No, I haven't. One thing all these gurus don't teach is that sometimes it takes a lot more time and work to get in the game than it initially sounds. You really have to work at it.

I remember how it was in the beginning for me and I was completely overwhelmed with information. The first and foremost important thing is to find your direction and then take steps toward it. You can't do everything at once and real estate has many directions you can take! You may eventually get good at a lot of things, but you need to get really good in one direction first.

Find your focus and make a plan. Take steps toward it. Find other experienced people who can help you when you need it. It always helps to network with other investors.


All REI courses and books have one thing in common.


Instructions, step by step is what you need to follow.

The path has been layed and you just need follow it.


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