buy family House

buy family House

i am really in need to buy a house for our family from private lender or hard money but i don't know where to go????? Guys


It always begins

With a simple question that will take you on the journey

Read the free E book on the upper right hand corner of the homepage and that will stimulate your mind as to where to go


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Your best bet is FHA financing, 3% downpayment. Other options include owner financing or a lease option deal (although you won't actually own it until you exercise the option).

Private lenders are people you know: your doctor, lawyer, CPA, family members. Put together a business plan and tell everyone you know. Reach out to local REIA groups too. Eventually you may come across someone wanting to invest with you.

Hard money lenders generally don't loan to owner occupired properties like your siutation. Even if they do, it's short term only: 6 months - 1 year.

Hope that helps and good luck!

- Tom

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