Realtors and contracts

Realtors and contracts

We have been getting a Realtor to show us homes and send some homes for sale via email and now she wants us to sign a contract. Is this normal or new? Do not think I should be signing a contract and limiting my options.


no exclusive contract please

you can sign a non exclusive agency agreement tell them, one that says "this agreement pertains to properties shown & offers made by agent". This way the agent is protected if they send you props or show them to you or make offers for you & then you go and make an offer on that prop w/out your agent & get it & that agent isn't compensated for their time & effort.

That is why they want that, & that covers for them for that. You should never sign an exclusive agency agreement because why would you limit yourself with one agent you may want to work with several agents, having them cover one side of the County & another one covering another side or just simply have diff agents send you properties, pocket listings etc.

Also you can tell your agent would they sign an exclusive agreement with you that they will only work with you as your buyers agent? Of course not they would say you were ridiculous. Well why are you ridiculous by asking the same thing. They just wnt to be protected so they dont waste time on working for you & not being paid, the above term can be put in their agency agreement in the additional terms section to cover that ok & you will be free to use other agents & they will be covered, ok.



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to work with her exclusively ? not just NO but !@#$ NO !!!!! ask her will she sign one to work only exclusively with you.... and no other investors.... she'll laugh at that one. so tell her no.... its ok to move on to another agent. where are you it would help tremendously to help you if we knew where you were. i suggest filling out your bio so we can get to know you better and make sugestions based on your location. Do you belong to a real estate club in your area...???

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Realtors and Contracts

I am in Reno NV area. My husband is in a meet up group for investors.


I talked to my share as well, some wanted proof of funding wanted this wanted that I didn't go with any of them but it did teach me not all realtors are created equal.

The one I have now didn't ask for any of that and I didn't bring it up, but I did tell her even if I find a deal on my own and I needed an agent she is my go to agent and we can help each other make money. She seamed to like that and so did I because its true.

Getting your dream team together can be tough but when its a match you will know it.

You can do it.


Do not sign

Do not sign any exclusive contracts with any realtor, because then you would limit yourself to working with other realtors who can bring you deals as well. You simply explain to your realtor that you would not be signing any contract do to you do many deals all areas in whatever state your in and that you use agents from the areas you are making offers in due to their knowledge of the areas. I use this line all the time and every agent said ok no problem.


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