Probate investing

Probate investing

Can anyone give us pointers on probate investing? Finding the "notice to creditors" in the local newspaper is the first and easy step so would appreciate any help for further directions.


Probaten help

We are looking to invest in probate. Is there direction that someone would like to share with us? Need a boost to up our confidence with how it works or some has don it. Don't want nag but would love to here from you. Irene and I have done three homes in foreclosing. And see that there are always probates going on. Wanting to make a fresh start investing, we do like working on real estate
and rehab or helping people. Thanks for your time

getting back and wanting contact with others

I {Ora and wife Irene] are wanting to get back into investing without our own money or credit. We have done three foreclosure's with one renting at this time.Love analyzing for best potential and talking to people. Have all of deans books are thinking probate with less competition. Kinda going out on the lim here but would love to here from you. Thanks and may your success continue. please pm if you want

Notice of petition to

Notice of petition to administer estate will be filed before the notice to creditors.

Probate help

Thanks for your input. We will need to find out how to get a hold of the notice petition?
Have a great day.

Petition to administer is

Petition to administer is published in the legal notices just like notice to creditors. It will give you a little head start on the notice to creditors and the person filing the petition to administer is usually the pr/executor.


because I'm ready to get some deal flow going. 2015 will be my year.


Probate help

Tomas, That should help. So we need to be looking for the petition and contact them for the administer?
I have a few things to learn here but will dig in and find out whats first and so on.Blessings

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