It may be wrong...but some one told me.....

It may be wrong...but some one told me.....

if its possible, try an meet the Apraiser before he does his job on the new house i have locked up..

talk to em and some how "persuade him" to appraise the house higher!!!

just wanted to get your opinion on this subject some one had told me yesterday....about it while i was at work!


impossible is nothing!

seems to me thats what

got us in this mortgage crisis we are in now. houses not being worth what the unethical appraiser appraised them for. i would never do it.

just my opinion.

good luck and happy investing

thats what i was

thats what i was thinking....

its kinda like "not illegal, but frowned upon. right???

i just wanted to see if anyones ever heard of it before!

thanks for the insight Walt.


impossible is nothing!

meeting with the appraiser

I most often DO meet with the appraiser when they are going to one of my properties. That way you are there to answer questions about what you may have done for improvements on the property. Even sweat equity is valuable. Even cosmetic looks can make a difference to a buyer, so why not to an appraisal? It also is a great way to network, and I always build relationships (often even friendships) with everyone I come in contact with in the REI world.
Ultimately, they will do their job (yes, hopefully ethically) and reach a value based on currently sold similar properties, but you pointing out pluses or minuses in yours (depending what you want the outcome to be) is wise, I think. (NOT to be deceiving or dishonest, though! ever.)
Another thing, I have noticed that if you have a "target value", it gives something for the appraiser to be trying to reach, like they do for the lenders (that's just my observation, not advice.. Smiling )

just my thoughts,



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I agree with Rina. She hit

I agree with Rina. She hit it right on the head. I spoke to the appraiser that was doing my home, I pointed out the improvements i made and also told her
(in a not so direct way ) what it was appraised for last.


I have called apraisers on the phone and talked to them befor having a apraizal done or making a offer to get a Idea where the Property will come in at so that I have a pretty good Idea befor aproching my bank.


It is always beneficial to be part of the whole process. This will be a great learning experience. Just as mentioned, this type of mind set was part of the fall of the industry. Some of the things that helped me was to bring any current info you have. Comps that would help contribute towards your appraisal. Anything recent that just sold. Continued success..............Lubertha




but larry put "persuade him" in quotation marks saying someone told him to get the appraiser to appraise a higher price than is really fair. i know we all want to be ethical and forthright in our dealings. i understand what rina and everyone is saying. i agree point out positive improvements you've made etc....

good luck and happy investing

thanks guys, this will be my

thanks guys,

this will be my first appraisal, and i wasnt sure what was the right procedures....

and walt. i used persuade" because the guy really told me to paythe appraiser to give mea higher total...but i thought that sounded kinda fishy...and wanted your guy's opinions on the matter and how to go about it in a right way.

thanks again!


impossible is nothing!

It may be wrong...but some one told me.....

"Do unto others as you would have them do to you" is my motto.

Unless of course you have one of those strange friends that likes to be kicked when there down! Then go for it and get some aggression out Shocked.

I think walking with them and pointing out all the pluses you have added or have found will go along way. Didn't think about the sweaty part that Rina mentioned (sweat equity), sounds kind of messy. Barf! Oh well if you are like me I get enough of that at my JOB (Just Over Broke) you can always higher peeps for that I guess. Laughing out loud


I hope you all are having as much fun as I am and good luck!

Have a great day!


You do have influence

I once had to tell the appraiser of the initial valuation work that I had done and showed him my research. He raised my appraisal by 20k! Knowledge is power. Don't be afraid to tell them what you think the value should be.


talking to appraisers....

I find appraisers going

I find appraisers going pretty much by the book these days. Last property I had appraised had painters all over the place and Vinyl windows ready to be installed and the appraiser wouldn't factor this into his appraisal because it had not been completed at the time of his appraisal. No problem though, the house appraised for enough as it was. The appraiser did however voice his distaste for Dodd-Frank and the SAFE Act and how it affected appraisers.


Everyone wins when there is complete honesty, no one gains by this!!!!!!Keep it honest and everyone wins!!!!!!!!!, Jim




Love this post and the contributions


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