Motivated Newbie Here - A FSBO Questionaire or Survey on

Motivated Newbie Here - A FSBO Questionaire or Survey on

Hello to all,

I'm a newbie to DG.

I'm new to the DG family, actually only about 1 1/2 months now and have never been involved with any type of RE transaction before. Curiosity got me... I joined the DG site after I had seen Dean's commercial for Profit From Real Estate Right Now 4 times in 3 days. Well, I finally took action 2 weeks ago and ordered the books from the site. I am currently on chapter 4... for the second time reading it since I received it. I will read it 3 times before I hit the pavement and go knocking.

I have gained lots and lots of knowledge over the past month or so reading info and the forum posts on the DG site. I did also read the newsletter and the successfest 3 part guides to fast profits. Now, the book has pushed me to go to the next level, it is amazing! What Dean, the DG team, and the DG family teaches and actually shows you step by step seems flawless, on point and offers unparalleled support.

Going through the site and now the book, I have realized that the quickest and easiest way for me to start and make my first deal here in South Florida would be with Contract Assignment. There are Foreclosures, Pre-Forclosures, and REO's everywhere in my area. I have a few nice targeted areas that I have been watching for a month now and see many FSBO signs that seem to be unadvertised other than their yard signs.

Please, forgive me for the babble.... To the point and my question.

Is there a FSBO questionaire or survey anywhere on the DG site? I say a questionaire or survey as in... a detailed list of questions that I NEED to initially ask when I contact a FSBO property owner. If I do recall correctly it was in chapter 6 or 7 that had information about a questionaire to find the sellers motivation. I am looking for something similar to that.

I'm truly excited and motivated about capitalizing on the RE opportunities out there and have vowed to myself that I will not watch things happen... I will make things happen! NOW IS THE TIME!

Thanks in advance for your help, confidence, and comfort... greatly appreciated!

(A.K.A. Goals4Success)


Motivated Newbie

Hi Rob:

Stay motivated and good luck to you!


Best Regards,
(Licensed Realtor-Military Vet-9/11Vet)
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