Lease Option question from Blog #51

Lease Option question from Blog #51

I love the Greg Murphy Lease/Option story on Dean's Weekly Blog #51, but Dean said something that confused me a bit. He gave an example that had a tenant buyer giving a $3K downpayment to get into the home, then said that 2 or 3 years down the road you set the price for the home and pocket the profit, once sold to the tenant buyer. My question is this: Why would anyone give you $3K without knowing the end price? Wouldn't a buyer want/need to agree on an end price before signing an agreement? I would think so but would love to hear some thoughts on this. Thanks.


Yeah the price is always

Yeah the price is always agreed upon before the contract is signed...

I thought that was the case

I thought that was the case but wanted to hear that from someone else. Thanks for responding!

Not a

Not a problem!!!


? from same blog

Does any of the monthy rent the tenant buyer pays go towards the final purchase price or does the monthy rent go directly to the seller?

The way I have always done a

The way I have always done a lease option is agree upon a purchase price with the seller and a monthly rent and then turn around and find a buyer/tenant agree a purchase price and monthly rent with them that is higher of course and you give the seller the monthly rent and you keep the difference...

What if ?

What if I own the home and I am the seller. I need to sell my own home, so I can build a new one. tried to sell on my own and now with a realtor. Haven't had any sucess, so I'm thinking about trying to find a tenant buyer. Can you offer any advice?

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