we are 24 and we want to start investing. we dont have any money and our FICO scores are low what should we do?

we are 24 and we want to start investing. we dont have any money and our FICO scores are low what should we do?

my boyfriend and I are very interested in investing but dont have any experience, or mentors who have successfully done it before. we are both 24 and eager to start investing. our credit scores are low and we have very little to start investing with. niether of us has been on our jobs longer then a year due to attending school. our student loan payments have kicked in there for we have a few outstanding lines of credit (niether of us is in default of any kind) we would love to know if there are any people who have actually started investing with out any hard money.. we have both of the books and have highlighted every fact and good info that we see like we do anything that we study...but because we didnt take "classes" on realestate we are afraid to trust our first minds...please if you could help out with any info that would be grately appreciated



HI Guys

Well you both made the right move to get involved with this site. You might want to try getting involved in a local real estate investment club. There will be a bunch of people there just like the two of you who are looking to invest. You will make great contacts there and the information that you will receive is priceless. Since you have both of Dean's books, you might try to read up on bird dogging. It is a great way to make money by finding real estate deals for other investors and the great thing is you get paid to do it. My first 2 deals were bird dogs and I made $1000.00 for about 3 days worth of work, possibly more time was invested but the point is you don't have to have money in this business to make money. Read your books, ask questions, and stay on this site. There are many people here who will help you for free. That is the great thing about Dean Graziosi.com. We help each other. Keep me in the loop as to your progress.....Jan

thank you for your advice.....

hello Jan, your advice was very helpful however i would love to know how your first "bird dogging" deal went . would you please explain details of your first deal....also, how would i go about locating my local investment club in my area(i currently reside in Louisiana).....

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