Utilize Your local UPS STORE for Marketing and getting, Buyers???

Utilize Your local UPS STORE for Marketing and getting, Buyers???

You ever been to your local UPS Store?? I have UPS mailbox with them and they have been valuable in my marketing.

Did you know they offer the following services:


The UPS Store helps you do more while saving you time and money. Access a wide range of products and services in one convenient location:

A real street address, not a P.O Box: A private mailing address gives your business the professional image you want.

Secure 24 hour access:Pick up your mail and postal deliveries any time, day or night.

Mailbox services (we can receive packages from any carrier)
Document services (digital printing, B&W/color copying and document finishing services like laminating, collating and binding)
Office, packaging and moving supplies
Faxing (sending and receiving)
Notary services
Banner and Flyer creation
Printing-Email your files or bring them in
Business cards and stationary
Brochures,manuals,newsletters and flyers
Document finishing including professional binding, laminating and collating.

The UPS store can also forward your mail to you.
I had them create a banner for me today. My banner read," Duplex For Sale to the Highest Bidder" and it has a picture of the duplex on it.

The UPS store will also allow you to post your flyers and place business cards in the store for you.

Many benefits with the UPS store..


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I did not think of all this

I did not think of all this benefits thanks for sharing.


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UPS Benefits

The benefits seem really good and not once did I think about a professional street address / mailbox. I always thought you got a mailbox and it was a P.O. address. This is really a good post! Keep em coming.

Bill G.


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ups store

Thank you for sharing about the ups store. I didnt realize they did all that. There is allways something good on this site from somebody. But its like Dean said you can over analize and try to know to much in to short of time. It takes time to learn all this stuff but it is worth it.
Thanks again for the info.


Thanks for sharing all the great information and tips on the UPS stores. It is always great to know ways we can benefit from stores right in our own area. One good lead or tip from a flyer or cards we leave will more than pay for our efforts. Keep up the good work and here's to a prosperous 2010! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Good to know!

Wow!!! I didn't know. This is a great piece of information. Thank you for a good Christmas present!

Merry Christmas to everybody in DG family and happy holidays, too.



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ups store

thanks, just a question, what would be the address? would it be the address of the ups store or is there a way to pick a local address or maybe from another ups store location elsewhere.



Ups store

It would be the address of the ups store that you have a mailbox account with.


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Thanks for that info. There is a UPS store a few blocks from where I live. I'll go over there and see what they have to offer. Thank you.

Build Assets,

Thank you for the post. The UPS store we were using just went out of business Sad so we will be finding another one to use. It looks more professional to have a # instead of a PO box on letters, etc. They also let box holders keep business cards out for their other customers (at least this one did.) We got our car magnets from them (and they stay on driving at highway speeds.)

SPR Property Solutions, LLC

Thats creative

Thanks for the info I would've never known and I use the store to fax off things to different companies. Whenever you or anyone get a chance I would like to know how much it would cost to have private mailing address. Thanks again.


Antoine Paden

yup yup yup

I had stopped in at a local store which happens to be right next door to our local UPS store. I was talking about our business with the shop girl, when she told me the guy who owns the UPS store next door makes business cards CHEEP! I went over there and found out he can make our first business cards for 10 bucks! WOW! So utilizing your local UPS store is going to be a BIG help to us!

Further note: we have found a site that will make your business cards FREE! All you pay is shipping and from what I could tell your shipping is around 5 bucks. They have pens and other free items as well! Here is the URL:



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Private mailing address

Antoine, UPS will typically charge $185.00 for year for a private mailing address. Hope that helps.


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UPS Mailing Address

Great idea! Much better than a PO box. Thanks for the info. Ed


At Pak Mail we paid $65 (including a $5 refundable key deposit) for 6 months. They have prices for 3, 6 & 12 month box prices the longer the contract the better the price. From Build Assets response I'd guess these prices vary widely throughout the country.

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Doesn't the post office also give you addresses of a specific area in town if you request them?


Post office does, however it is P.O. BOX.


"If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.”
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