Hard Money Loans

Hard Money Loans

Hi, DG family. I have many questions about hard money loans. Are they only good for rehabbing houses? Can they be used for investment purposes? can you buy REO or foreclosed homes with them? Do you need good credit to be approved for them? sorry if these are a lot, but I have no clue what they are. please help




does any body know??

does any body know??

You can use HM for all the

You can use HM for all the above, most want atleast a 620 credit score and some reserves in your bank to show you can make the payments. there probably will be pts upfront too. You will want to cash them out asap as it can get expensive if you go too long. you can shop around and ask for different terms but in my opinion ,until you do a few deals with one they wont be too eager to work with you as far as the terms go.

funding sources

I have lost several deals recently because the hard money lender I was dealing with would not approve certain deals or if he approved of the deal would want cash out of my pocket. This was very disappointing as I was initially told he would be willing to fund 65% ARV with no out of pocket cost. Is this out of the ordinary that a HM lender would pay 100% on a project? Or is he possibly just trying me out as a new investor? Either way, I am frustrated as I have tapped all my personal resources on my first rental property (which is providing very good cash flow, but does not have much equity). My family and friends do not see the potential of real estate investing as I do. Does anyone have any good ideas as to where I can find short term funding in addition to the HM lender I am already working with? I would even consider partnering with someone. I am in the South Jersey, between Philadelphia, PA and the Atlantic City resorts.

The best way to find a good

The best way to find a good HML is to join your local REI club and ask around at the meetings. alot of HML I have spoken to are now only offering around 60% FMV, there are some at 70% out there still.
I actually have a guy that wants to talk to me and see what I want to do (as in my plan) I was honest and upfront with him which I think shocked him lol.I sent him a letter 2 months ago asking him to partner with me by being the funder of the deals I found. when he finally replied that he doesnt work in NY, but may be able to fund me, I sent him a letter telling him I don't think he can help me because I dont have any skin to put in the game told him my whole situation and thanked him anyway for atleast responding back to me.
Well today he sent me another letter and thanked me for being honest and asked me to call or write him any way when I get a chance to speak to him.
So I think I will write him because its easier to put things down on paper than it is to tell it live. bottom line is I found him by networking.


Using HML are a great way to start...If HML ask for skin in the deal or down payment they are not real Hard money lenders... You need to go to investment clubs or foreclusure auctions to find HML....I suggest try to get business credit its a good way to also start alot of companies that do no doc loans out there...

Shop around for HML some of these lender will negotiate there terms..

How about a Doctor a a Private Invstor?

If you know a Doctor that wants to invest some money they can be your Private Investor right? I mean you don't loose anything by asking around....
Maybe an idea?


Alex Rubio from Houston

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