Low price Properties?

Low price Properties?

I've heard people saying about buying a property for $25,000.00 or $30,000.00...Sometimes even less. Matt from Dean's book mentioned properties as low as $25,000.00. In what state or city do you find these kinds of properties? I live in Alexandria, Virginia and i have been looking properties in Washington D.C, Mayland, and Alexandria VA for the last two months and made 8 offers. Unfortunately, all my offers were rejected. Let me put the numbers below.

Listing price Offer i made
1. $154,000.00 $129,000.00
2. $164,000.00 $133,750.00
3. $64,000.00 $55,000.00,sold for $67,000

4. $192,000.00 $152,000.00
5. $85,000.00 $73,750.00
6. $99,000.00 $82,000.00


All these properties are in Washington D.C and Maryland. With this price in Virginia, you may only buy a condo. Because i couldn't find properties at my comfort zone, i was forced to look properties in a bad neighbourhoods. I made my offers but all rejected. My questions would be:

1. Were my offers too low?
2. How important is location?
3. How can you expect to find properties $100,000.00-$150,000.00 if the neighborhood is selling for over $200,000.00?

Can anyone share some ideas with me? Besides, I'm a student with Dean's Success Academy but i just couldn't find someone who can help me with this.




Reality Check

I too have the same problem. Where in the world can you find 30%-50% off MFV? and at prices below $50,000? All these too good to be true success stories are always based on low priced properties. The amazing thing about it is that they are ridiculously low to being with, yet the owners can not pay or sell it and decide to give it away at a 50% discount!

I have posted many times on craigslist, but have yet to received a single seller interest. I must say I have received numerous other solicitations trying to sell me other get-rich-quick schemes. I'm not sure if it's my area, but thank goodness it's free, otherwise I would have invested a small fortune by now.

I live in MD and I find them ALL THE TIME


I just purchased a 3brm 2bth condo in Temple Hills MD. It needed 15K work of work the list price was 18K I offered the bank 12K the took it. It was listed for 149days. I just go Deans books a week ago. Made the offer last Wednesday snowed in, go it accepted Friday, and had an offer for 40K today. Dean Graziosi is my new best friend. I have some real estate experience and I have always been good at negotiating. If you need help let me know. I live in PG county, I invest in the DC/MD/Va and I doing two contracts today in Detroit. Remember: M.E.T.E. Money Effort Time Energy. Is the key to success.

To follow up.

Please excuse the typos in my previous response. Due to my excitement I type to fast edit to slow. To answer Bariafl's questions. No your offers are not to low. If you are a beginner I usually suggest that you stay within the 30-150K range. In Alex area this is possible but you must do some work. I suggest lower priced neighborhoods in Alex(I grew up off Mt.Vernon ave.)so you can still find deals in Delray, old town, etc. Arlington, better deals in Woodbridge, Stafford etc. DC still has some great numbers. And I just picked up a 3brm 1.5 bth TH in Oxon Hill MD. Estate sale. Owner lives in NC she wants 70K needs 10K fixup, ARV: 160K. It has a small first of 21K. They are out there believe me. And I have one of the best INVESTOR FREINDLY realtors in the area. I shout because they are far and few between, and of course a great real estate attorney. Need help, advice? Email me anytime.



Thank you so much for your help. I just got a new realtor but i don't believe he understands what i'm trying to do. I really want to invest in Alexandria, VA but my agent told me to not even think about with the price i was telling him (less than 150,000.00). If you think you have a good realtor who knows what he is doing, let him know. My number is 571-340-8819 or email me at bariafl@****
Thanks for your help



No problem.

I couldn't email you, so I will call. I have spoken with my agent and since she is licenced in DC and MD, waiting for Va she is recommending an investor friendly agent in Va. Is Va the only state your interested in? considering coming over the bridge to MD atleast?


Thank you for your reply first of all but how did you find properties for 15k? I didn't believe you could get properties for this much. I guess i don't simply have to give up then. I am committed to try this for the next few weeks if not i may have to hang my shoe forever. I want to succeed in real estate but if is not meant to be, it is not meant to be. I will just move on with my life. Good luck!




DC, MD and VA

I live in Alexandria, VA but i work in DC. I have a list of buyers mostly from DC but they don't mind moving to MD or VA. I am just looking for properties any where as long as the price is right.
Thanks again.





Research. I told my agent what i'm looking for and she pulled some listings and sent them to me; I went thru them, pulled comps and went to view them. I ask my agents for listings over 90 days like Dean talks about in his book, expired listings, and trigger words like "Fixeruper, Motivated seller etc". I scan cragis and talk with other investors. I found another one on Craigs where the owner is beyond motivated to sell, they wanted 250K, a short sale single family in Montgomery county, I did the research, took a look, and offered 200K, it needs 15-20K in fixup the ARV: is 355K+. I have an interested buyer and I have a lender who will do REO's, shortsales, and HUD. No seasoning required. The owner is so pressed she will consider a lease option. Don't just focus on the low numbers, you can find great deals with mid to high numbers to. Once the bank excepts the offer, and I get a short sale approval letter I will resale for 230K. If you need help in your search let me know. But don't give up, talk to the coaches, read, research and study and press ahead. Your deal and blessing is around the corner. Believe me.

Same here.

I have posted on craigslist as well but i had the same problem. I think we both are in the same page. Good luck though! Let's keep trying. The game is too early to give up for me and the time i've wasted is also killing me from inside. But, i will do everything i can for the next few weeks and see what my luck and effort brings me. Thanks




Buyers? Yum!!!!

If you have buyers I have deals. Where, what numbers are they seeking. I can add your fee, and still give them nice equity after fixup.

Still a good investment

I have not invested in the success academy; but don't give up really. You can make that money back. Make a goal to get your first deal by either the end of this week or this month. You can do it. I can partner with you. Give me a call.


What type of Properties do you have?

Send me the type of properties you have then i can buy them myself.



Many deals below 50K

Bariafl, I have many deals here in Kansas city, missouri 50K and below. Some of these properties have tenants, some are REO's and rehabs. Send me a PM and we can discuss.


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Near By

I live in DC and am very new. I am eager to find motivated people. I will be getting in touch with yoy guys shortly. I have a list of vacant houses to work on Please help.


Well said! I will keep trying until i am no longer can do this. I've been doing this for over three months. I've done everything i could while working 8hrs a day and raising two kids. I'm not a quitter but there are times when you just need to walk away from something you love to do. Real estate have been my passion for a long, long time but loving and being passionate about something does not mean a thing without any outcome. I'm sitting with $50K cash 230K loan approval letter.






I have a 3brm 1.5bth TH on Marcy ave. Oxon Hill. Needs 10K to make it shine. 75K sale price 155K ARV

5brm 2bth on Snure Rd single family, Silver Spring
Needs 15K cosmetics. Nice neighbood, near metro
230K. ARV 355K

U pl se WDC 20020
3bed 1.5bath w/ basement
In livable condition. Currently occupied by seller (probate sale/estate sale).
Lowest seller willing to take is $125k-Arv of $250+

If your interested in one or all I will send the numberical adderesses. Call me when you can.


When your ready just email or PM me. my emails below are yahoo address.


Actual transaction

Hello 3cpros,

I understand some of the deal but it seems like ther are some parts missing.

1. did you have a funds letter with your offer and from who?
2. lenders only fund 75% or lower on investment properties, who provides the rest
3. how does this wrok when you to go closing
4. do you acquire the property first then resale

Its great that you have lenders who work with you, that seems like the most important thing. I could use some help in this area.

Thanks Mike


If these answers are not found in any of the 3 books, then what is going on here? It's one thing to have 1) no money, 2) no credit, 3) no job, 4) no experience....but not knowing and not being taught what you're suppose to do is a very dangerous predicament to be in. From the success stories, one would deduce that anyone could do this stuff with half their brain tied behind their back. But it is evident that it's not as easy as one might think.

Learning the procedural steps is the simple part. Finding buyers is also a breeze since everyone will you talk to will show interest in buying, but will they put their money where their mouth is when it becomes real? The real test is when you have to FIND and CONVINCE sellers to sell below FMV. That is the crux of the equation that will matter the most. Who cares about this document or that, those are all doable. Heck, you can pay an attorney a $1,000 and he will take care of all that is necessary. What is a $1,000 compared to the money you plan to make? Wallowing in the mire will not help. Learn to look at the larger picture and delegate the minutia.

I suggest you first work on the seller aspect before anything else. You can perfect all the other elements, but without a seller and 30%-50% off FMV, nothing else will ever matter!

Low Price Properties

I live in Charlotte, N.C , but I go on Craigslist, and go under real estate all across the country.But if you go to Michigan, especially in the Detroit area, you will be blown away by the prices, I have already located and talked with RE Agent in the area.I actually thought the prices were what you needed for a downpayment, but they were the actual cost of the house.Check it out .
Hope this helps .

Curtis Fillers


I am also interested in Charlotte, N.C because i have some family members who live there. How is the market over there? I know the housing market in the area is cheaper than the rest of the country. Do you have any numbers for a single family homes or multi-family properties?




Bariaf, If you are


If you are interested in properties in Maryland email me at Lee063@verizon.net. We may be able to get something that may interest you!

I live in Ohio

I live in Ohio in my area your low prices are mid to high ranges around here.


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Low Cost Houses in Florida

Hi Fellow DGers:

I am looking for low cost houses in Polk County, Florida (primarily in zips 33801, 33803, and 33813) I have 2 investors that are chomping at the bit for these kinds of deals but I am having problems finding them. Anyone with any info please email me at PropertyForLess@****.

FYI: I am a member of the success acadamy and even tho I am following their path, I am having a few problems achieving my goals. The reality is that it is me that is having the problem and not the program. I joined the local REI club and last week was treated (along with 54 other members) to view 4 houses that were bought by fellow members within the past 3 months. They gave us all the info as to purchase price, rehab costs, closing cost, selling costs, and net profits. The gentleman who had most of the houses has been doing this for over 30 years and has made a number of contacts so that he gets notice of deals before they hit the market. The deals tho are out there, we just have to work harder to find them.

If anyone is interested in partnering up with me, I am looking for someone who has knowledge about the central Florida real estate market. Please email me at PropertyForLess@**** or PM me at AndyS.

Andy Sager (Real Estate Investor)

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Michigan Property

Are there any lake front properties for sale at a good price in Michigan?

Investor friendly agents

I am having a hard time finding an investment friendly agent/agents. REO agents aren't easy to find either. I live in the Clarksville, TN area and I really would like to find the right investor agent to work with. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Any one interested in VT or UT area

I am looking for someone who might be interested in partnering with me for the VT area and Park City, UT area. I live in Park City but also have a son who is near Burlington, VT area. There are some good deals there and some motivated sellers.

I am new to this so I would be learning but would love to partner with someone who could teach me some things. I have read Dean's books but I guess what I need to do is start talking to people.

Will start that tomorrow.

leasing to buy

My question is this, if the price is more than being able to make a profit at the end, how is that someone is able to do that type of contract(the lease to buy?) So Jeff says that he does these all the time but yet the prices he gets them is very low. In Gilroy, California I don't see that the prices dropped to that extent. the sellers owe much more since when they bought the home it was just about two years ago. therefor they still owe a lot to begin with. and most of the sellers have a negative loan to begin with. what to do.


Sandra Guido

Your welcome Mike

To answer your questions.

1. Yes I have a funds letter. If i'm doing a double closing and using transactional funds I use, Costal funding. I also have access to private money, so I have a letter from them. I rent the money, many times I assign my deals so I don't have to use both sources.

2. Some lenders will fund that if you can find them. I do have a lender that will do my deals on seasoning FHA, Va, REO's and shortsales. I get my buyers pre-approved thru him. He's out of Fla, PM me and I will give you his contact info.

3. See numbers #1, and #2. Its not difficult really. Particarily if your doing a double closing. I never tie my name or business name up in loans.

4. I get control of it first, and before my offer is excepted many times I have either a buyer or I assign the deal. I'm blessed to have a great realtor and I do alot of my own research, contracts and submit my own offers.


I have lots of houses in st pete that are forsale by banks and just sellers maybe we can do something? read ALL OF DEANS BOOKS IN THE LAST MONTH ! at least two times .Have coas set up about to start making offers give me a call 727 866-6818 p.s lets go ! ! have one or two beautiful houses on an island in st petersburg you can pick up for about 225K houses FMV 300K premium properties were selling for 600K two years ago right down the street from my house in tierra verde

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