Give me your story

Give me your story

Hey Guys

I have been so blessed to get hundreds of emails, letters and videos from students all over the country sharing your success. I have even been able to become friends with many of my students and that has been awesome.

Each of those stories inspire me to work harder and create tools to get you making money right now when you need it most. I consider my students as an extended family and when you do that, then YOUR best interest is always on my mind. And the truth is, I love it;-)

We have so many videos at - I have hundreds of emails and letters and please know I read every single one. But tomorrow I am doing a TV show and I want to mention a few of you and tell your quick story.

So even if you have sent me an email, a letter, a video or we are now friends I would love for you to tell your quick story and how real estate has changed your life. It will also be a great inspiration going in to a new week.

The DG family as you guys named it is an awesome place and it is an honor to have you all here;-)))

Now post your story.


P.S - I love hearing stories of a mind set change as well. All stories are good to me not just the people who made their first million. so please share how what we teach or this site has changed your life. You never know you can see me on TV sharing exactly what you say below.


If you would like the chance to work with me or one of my fellow real estate investor coaches and our advanced training programs, give us a call anytime to see if Dean's Real Estate Success Academy and our customized curriculum is a fit for you. Call us at 1-877-219-1474 ext. 125

its about time

I joined the DG family back in 10/2008.
I have a real problem talking to people.
I got involved in the acadamy, bought 2 of your books.
i work at night,10-12 hours aday.
I finaly got the courege to talk to a realtor and told them what i was doing and they are willing to help me, that was 2 weeks ago. I have looked at 4 properties and have one under contract, i plan on assigning it.
I am scared and excited at the same time, like you have allways said, take action. I have beed doing all this reading and studying but all the knowledge in the world is worthless unless you take action, thank you Dean.



Just do it,don't be afraid to fail,failure is just a stepping Stone to success

tryna get started

i just join and still reading the books. i called the number above for an advance training or a coach. i faith in god that this is the door to a better future better life. so here i go!!

new on the block

I just joined a couple of days ago. I have read the last 3 books that Dean has out there and the newest one your town is totally awesome. I have read it 2 times already and half way thru the third with this time taking a lot of notes. I have taken the plunge you might say about a year ago and bought a foreclosed house for 80k. I put 50k into the property and totally updated this property. I have a contract on it for 200k to close December 2010. I have bought 2 more properties within the last 5 weeks and one I am going to flip, the other is in a college town very close to the school my son is attending and I am fixing this one to keep long term for positive cash flow.I am very excited to get into this REI for the long haul. Hope to get to know alot of you folks along the way.

Getting things DONE!

Hi Dean!
I'm rather new to the site and the academy, and I'm learning so much at such an accelerated rate! What I want to comment on is the wonderful info you gave on organizing your list of things to do. Every day it seemed like I was NEVER getting anything done, and thinking I'm getting nowhere, when I heard your behind the doors closed session for the EDGE. I am now using your exact technique, and realizing, I am getting things done! See, when I first started with the list, I had 3 legal size pages of 'things to do' categorized in 6 to 9 categories a page, in tiny handwriting and it was amazing that I could get so much writing on one page. I am now down to 2 1/2 pages, and am amazed at seeing how much I am accomplishing. I'm not necessarily doing anything more than I was before, but now I can SEE what I'm getting done and don't feel so dragged down at the end of the day because of that taunting feeling that I didn't get anything done!

I also must say the 7 levels deep exercise has changed my life, and I am utilizing it with my kids when they want something. Laughing out loud

I am so glad I got your books, joined the academy and for this website and DG family! (despite my husband's complete lack of support in my efforts!)

I wish I could afford to get to the EDGE this year, but I WILL be there next year!!

Ready to become the next Success Story

Hi everyone my name is Mary-Jane and I just completed all 3 of Dean's books As of today I am new at this site as a member! I have had a lot of experience in the mortgage industry and I look forward to utilizing Dean's stratagies in funding Real Estate deals. I am looking towards my finacial future and it is bright.
Thanks for listening



How Did I Miss This?

I swear I saw this before....but here it goes.

A few years ago, when I was getting tired of my career I gave some thought to starting a real estate business, after watching all these people on TV flipping houses. I thought, I can do this. So I bought a bunch of books and read them all. The concepts were great, but they all required money to buy the first house, which I didn't have.

Fast forward about 3 wife and I went away for the weekend to our favorite place (where we got engaged) in Jackson, NH. As we were packing up to go home, I put the TV to check the weather...and BAMMM there's Dean on TV talking about real estate. I called my wife in, we watched the show and ordered the book on the way home. This was November 2009...I read both of his books by the end of the month. In December I enrolled in the success academy. In February we closed on our first deal, a house we bought using a self directed IRA (which I learned about through Dean's system). In May I went to the EDGE and am currently under contract for my second deal, with deals 3, 4 & 5 following closely on it's heels!

What I have learned in the last 6-7 months has been incredible! The people I have met are awesome! And I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel! It is just a matter of time now. I am not giving up! There is only one way to go UP!

Thanks Dean!


... Verses: 35 "but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; They will run and not grow weary, They will walk and not be faint." Isaiah 40:31 ...

Success is all around us

Hi Everyone my name is Adam Negri I started investing in 1997 when the market was not much differnet than it is today. I had $15,000 to my name ready to begin. I became a millionaire in 2 years time. When the market started to slow down I didn't know what to do. I didn't have Deans books to refer to. I lost everything and finally went bankrupt this year.
After reading Be a real estate millionaire I found charter 8 Removing your mental block to success and chapter 9 eliminating the fear of failure. These two chapters helped me get back on my feet again. Dean I can never thank you enough for your inspirational words for getting to the heart of my problem.
I purchased your books 3 months ago and i have just assigned my 1st deal
for $5,000. I negotiated a 1056 s.f home for $110,000 repair cost $25,000 value of home is $200,000. 1 months worth of work. And my investor is very happy.
Second deal I meet with and investor that will put up all the money. I will get a percentage of ever deal. I put in 10,000,000 worth of offer this afternoon.
As my friend Mike Durkin always said My futures so bright I have to were sunglasses
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me find passion to get back in the ring. I feel alive again
Thank you
Adam Negri

Action speaks louder than words!


We can not thank you enough for writing your books and sharing all of your knowledge and most of all, your inspiration in helping others. We have taken serious action. We dealt in real estate in the late 80's and lost quite a bit of money on two properties. It has taken a great deal of time to want to dive back in again. However, your books have made us take serious action.

We have developed our team: a new CPA, financial advisor, attorney, Real estate agent, mortgage broker. We now have an LLC for real estate transactions and we are looking to buy & hold 3 family homes and flipping. Dan is a general contractor/carpenter and his business is in an LLC as well.

We are thrilled to start dealing in real estate again. Now, it is different since we have attained so much more knowledge and are no longer letting FEAR stand in our way. In addition, we are mastering the law of attraction and things are falling into place. It's amazing how positive thinking gets you where you need to go.

Thanks again. We are looking forward to meeting you in person. Keep up the GREAT work!!


Chesloe Properties, LLC
Middlesex County, CT

3 Day List

Just saw your blog video on taking 3 days and focusing on certain things to do. I hate to say but I am a procrastinator when it comes to doing things I am uncomfortable with. Which is why I have yet to do the things I need to do to get going in this business. ( I have been a member since October 2009 , I am ashamed to say ) Where would I be today if I had just faced my fears and did what I needed to do? I am on my way to visit my Mother, but I have committed to getting on the ball when I get back. I will make my list and work on it. I will tell my husband ( who always needs my help for something lol) that I need 3 days of the week and the rest are his. Thank you so much for sharing the great ideas you get from others. sharon wallace



where do i start? to be honest, when i would see you on TV, i would hurry and switch the channel. you seemed "too slick" Smiling for me and i had wasted enough money and time on other courses. finally one day last year i decided to just listen to you and then i thought about buying your books because the price was so reasonable. i have never looked back and i recommend you, your products and your website to everyone. i have spent thousands of dollars on pricey investing courses, yet your books are just as good, if not better. i got burned on 2 different coaching programs and decided to take a chance on the Success Academy. i'm farther along than i've ever been and i hope to have my first deal anytime. i can tell you that no coaching program out there offers any kind of refund. your website community is unbelievable and helps me to stay accountable and even be able to help others. the many freebie things you offer are extremely generous and there's no one else out there doing what you do or offering what you offer. there are some good "gurus" out there, but i am highly impressed with you and what you offer. there is a feeling of family here and i love that. i follow your to-do list procedure and just learned about the entrepreneur time system. i am also trying to balance being a new realtor with all this investing stuff. it is quite the challenge. i plan on being at the EDGE next year, 2011. i can't wait. i hope to meet you in person and tell you "thank you" to your face. until then, THANK YOU!!!


Linda, Army EOD Mom
you can follow my journal at
Fear equals:

Life changing forever

I was up late one night/morning and saw the infomercial. Then again and again. I was gun shy because I had bought every program almost out there for the last 20 plus years. Nothing and I mean nothing worked until now. Was able to secure a property in less than two weeks after finishing PFRERN, and now have it leased optioned with 3000 in less than a month.. and a little positive cash flow. I am helping the owner make payments, and helping the buyer purchase a house and rebuild credit at the same time. Talk about helping people, I can't thank you Dean and staff for all that you have done and are doing. Like I said in one of my other posts on here, where are all the So called Gurus at now? They took the money and ran, and are out of business..

I saw your infermercial one

I saw your infermercial one night when i was up late. I have watched so many of these like carlton sheets, trump and a few others but never trusted in them. I just had a gut feeling that you were honest, and you didnt promise anything. So i figured for the price of your barm kit which was less than going to dinner,what did i have to loose.
I bought the books and read them, they were really simple to understand and connect with. going forward, I found the DG site and became friends with Rina,then Laura and so on and recieved so much support and insight from them and others as well. This month I close on my first property out of State,I never saw it but I had a team put together in that state with the help of 2 special DG people who have been my eyes and ears on this deal. Yes I WAS REALLY NERVOUS to do a deal far from me and to have to trust everyone involved, The house I bought is a duplex that sold for 160k in 2006,Which I have the docs to prove . I purchased it for 24.5 and am putting 1500 into repairs and renting it for 739.00 per unit. I did this with out any of my money and credit. I found a guy who had alot of equity in his home and great credit and the rest is history.I cant tell you how much my life is going to change over the next few yrs. I know I will be financially free and not have to live pay check to pay check wondering how I am going to pay my bills each month. The best is I have a 4yr plan to be retired and be financially free.
Thanks again Dean.


New kids in the RE game

Hi Dean,
We are Terri and Russell, we are new to the real estate game. Our goal is to retire from our Job which is OTR Truck driving by December of this year, yes a lofty goal but I believe we can do it. We would absolutely love to be on one of your videos as a success story. So we will be working on our millions just as soon as possible. Carpe Diem , WE WILL SUCCEDE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Terri & Russell


Terri & Russ

Congrats Richie

way to go richie it is all down hill from here. So proud of u


I just bought your book in June and still not done with it. Excited and scared at the same time bec. RE is , for me, a complicated deal but I am willing to learn and with your guidance and the others , confessing their experience and success, helps me mentally to go on and hope to keep going . I have a long story but will tell you once we meet and be a success.

Hoping for the best for all of us, bob.

PS. There's something about you that tells me your a righteous person.

What it means to me!

First and foremost, Thank you! I remember watching a TV show "Flip that House" on A&E with Trademark Properties. I said wow i want to be them I want to own my own real estate company and do the same. Well turns out that at 25 i still had no clue at life. I blew all my money, lived outside my means and put my self well into debt for college, cars, and anything else dumb kids buy. The wild part is as a kid living from home to home, in shelters, being stabbed twice in the shoulder having a gun held to my head by my own father, not eating at times, no electric and wearing old ragged clothes i still blew money. It took me getting married to realize life. Before I was a kid who went through rough times i mean i woke up January 21st 1995 and found my mother dead. She had a heart attack in the middle of the night and past way. My brother and i got shipped up to ohio. So here and now, I have been trying to start my own business in real estate wanting to do the same as trademark properties so i came home one night and saw your info mercial and Dean i cant stress it enough how your commercial saved me. It gave me a mindset that I wont become my mother, I will succeed with the right tools and knowledge anything is possible. Now, I am no miracle I have not done one deal but what i have done is taken action and talked to many people in the business, visited some Reia clubs and had one house under contract only to lose it. Now to me I didnt fail, I succeeded in overcoming the fear of trying. So now i am working harder and harder on my list. I cant seem to catch a break though but i know its coming because my heart is just like yours. I want to give back, Even though i have nothing to give i want to become you and give back. I want to inspire others because my life has been hell until now and i have so much to offer just in advice and helping that i am doing anything i can to get to the point to be able to help others in need. I know real estate is the only way and I hope my lucky break happens soon so i am able to fulfill my dream of owning my own business, being out from the status quo and more importantly able to give back to others. Dean because of you and your heart I can be me. I want to meet you and tell you and your family thanks for their time in allowing you to put together these tools and knowledge to help others who struggle everyday just to wake up. Also i want to become that Matt Larson that person who is able to call you a true friend and make money together, its because of you I am not afraid to quote the song. Thank you so much Dean and remember my name Shawn Downey its going to be important one day to not only me, or you, but to the DGfamily because i want that status of inner circle/superstar/ just ask Shawn he will help!

Thanks again Dean
Shawn Downey


Chill out, the Pm from Vivian in Africa is a Scam...there's been several of us that have received it even 2 times & Jan 1 st wrote about it...remember if it sounds too good, well it probably is. Your deals will come soon enough.

Deal # 1

In the spring of 2001 I thought I had tapped out my income potential. I was in my 30’s and barely making the mortgage and putting food on the table. I felt that somehow opportunities for making money had passed me by and I didn’t even know it. I was working in a dead end job with no possibility of advancement and the only way to make more money was to spend more time at work. Not my idea of getting ahead. I had hopes and dreams but no real way to accomplish them with empty pockets. Others around me seemed to have found their place in the business world, and there was me, just barely paying the bills.

I had learned a little about real estate investing and wanted to try my hand at it but was scared to death. I didn’t have any savings to invest, so when a real estate agent friend of mine said we should look at a VA foreclosure down the street from us, I thought, “what’s the point”. Even if we could get the loan, we couldn’t afford to make the payments until the home sold.

My wife and I eventually decided to at least look at the property just for fun. We set an appointment with our agent friend and did an initial walk through. It was dark out and the home was not well lit because the previous home owner took many of the light fixtures with them before their home went into foreclosure. The home appeared to be in good shape and didn’t seem to require a lot of fix up.

At the urging of our agent we decided to put in an offer. The home was worth about $130,000 and the VA was asking $114,000. We went way out on a limb and offered $112,000 with the VA covering 3% toward closing. We went back to our home to draw up the contract. While our agent was with us we felt confident, almost like real investors, but as soon as she left, my wife and I both became scared. We wrote out a $500 earnest money check earlier but had to use our overdraft account because we couldn’t cover it with our own funds.

Later that night I told my wife that we had to back out of the deal. I couldn’t bare the thought of being stuck with a second house payment when we were struggling to pay on our own. She agreed but we decided to sleep on it. The next day our agent gave us some comparables showing the home to be worth $130,000-135,000. This gave us some hope and we allowed our agent to present the offer.

In the back of my mind I was thinking that the VA wouldn’t really take the offer so why worry about it. A day later our agent called back with the devastating news, “They took the offer, congratulations, you just bought your first investment property.” I was sure she was kidding but she confirmed it was true. This wasn’t supposed to happen, what was the VA thinking by taking our offer. We were supposed to get turned down and be able to get on with our meager lives. We could have told everyone that we tried and failed and that real estate investing doesn’t really work. We still had to get approved for the loan so I knew we had still had another out.

We applied for an investment loan and hoped that, despite our good credit ratings, we could still get turned down. It was not to be. The lender called a few days later with the terrible news, “You’re approved.” 3 weeks and many sleepless nights later we closed on the loan and actually bought our first investment property, whether we liked it or not.

We immediately began re-painting and fixing the home. My dad came over to help my wife and I paint and I even hired a buddy of mine for $300.00 to help get the home ready for sale. The fix up took about 5 weekends and a total of $500.00 to complete. (This came from overdraft also)

Next we listed the property in the local news paper and put up some signs in the windows of the house. The first payment on the home came and went. We used our overdraft account. I began to think we had gone completely insane. We were never going to sell this house. We live in one of the slowest real estate markets in the nation. What were we thinking! 5 weeks after we closed on the home we got a strange call. The guy sounded like our neighbor, and I thought he was calling to harass us about not selling the house yet. It turned out the caller was in town from Nashville, Tennessee. He was looking for a house because he just got transferred to Utah with his job.

The guy picked up the keys from me and went to the house by himself (I have never been much of a salesman so I didn’t bother showing the home to him). After looking at the home the potential buyer said he would like to come back in a few days and take pictures to e-mail to his wife back home. A week later we had a written offer for $129,900. I could hardly believe it! Three weeks after the offer we brought home a check from the title company for $17,000 over our expenses. No-one else was paying us $17,000 for anything, so we decided to stick with real estate investing and have been buying ever since. This is my story, if I can buy and sell property anyone can. Good luck investing!


If you would like the chance to work with me or one of my fellow real estate investor coaches and our advanced training programs, give us a call anytime to see if Dean's Real Estate Success Academy and our customized curriculum is a fit for you. Call us at 1-877-219-1474 ext. 125

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I just want to say thank you to Dean and all the DG family for everything you do. I have not yet closed a deal but I have not applied myself enough yet due to all the "obstacles" thrown my way every day. I am excited for the first time in a LONG time about my future. My past (and present) has been hell for years and I am about at the lowest point I can be without giving up entirely. I quit my job of ten years in 2009 to move with my husband from California to Pennsylvania where we bought our first home for 1/5 of the rent we paid in CA. I have now been unemployed since March of 2009 and my marriage is in shambles. The only saving grace is I collect unemployment from my job in CA. My husband is a self employed contractor so cash flow is limited and seasonal. My goal is to be financially independent to have the freedom to move on with my life and thanks to Dean I can actually see that happening for me. Thanks to everyone for the support and inspiration to achieve. I know I am not alone and I can do whatever I put my mind to. My husband doesn't have any faith in this endevour so it will be a great shock to him the day he finds out I can actually take care of myself, (as I have managed to do before we met!)and can afford to hire him for the rest of his life! I WILL succeed!
Thank you all!

thanks dean !!

I learned to work on cars from my grandfather at approx 12 yrs old.growing up i tore apart every engine i could find .I believe at this early age i adopted a lifelong learning thirst.i can remember bring a snowmobile engine in the kitchen after my parents went to bed at approx 13.learning all i could with my grandfather in the garage at nite and weekends after school,i wanted to become a mechanic.after high school i attended a 2 yr college for automotive tech.I went 1.5 yrs and did not finish because i moved with my girlfriend [now my wife] 4 hrs away to live together and work 2 jobs as a mechanic.learning all i can and both working 2 jobs we got married and i then worked in a machine shop for a few yrs.still was not making alot of money just 5 dollars an hr.had my wonderful son justin and was ready to build my first house with my wife.I got laid off from work and my dad had been a carpenter all his life .i told him i wanted to learn carpentry so i borrowed money from my grandfather and my dad and i and wife built our first house.after learning all i could from my dad,i said to him lets start a construction bussiness and son construction was started.we built many houses together for approx 15 yrs.i then went to work for ny power authority as a lineman to present.
ALL these yrs i have listened to many tapes,attended many seminars,read MANY books on self help, to the likes of tony robbins,donald trump,robert kyosaki ?? carlton sheets.....wanted to learn real estate in the worst way !!
when i ordered deans books and read all of them I KNEW THIS WAS THE PATH to financial freedom for me.I cant explain why but i knew i would dive head first into what he was teaching.
I then joined the success academy and started taking action with the path these coarses taught could i go wrong with a 100% money back gaurantee??? my goal was to learn all i could,do 5 deals in 1 yr and profit no less than 1000 per second goal was to meet dean graziosi !! i would like to state that did my 5 deals in 1 yr and met dean at the live edge 2010 event !! i am currently on my11,12,13 th deal and have a passive income of $1200 part time because of his teachings and rei system. THANK YOU DEAN GRAZIOSI !! i will keep learning all he has to teach for life and i KNOW MY NET WORTH WILL EXCEED 1 MILLION IN THE NEAR FUTURE. i am so proud to be part of the 1 million people that life has changed for due to dean graziosi !!

jay sthilaire....[jbtoggs]


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need to sell ?
Need me to FINANCE a home ?

Thanks Dean for this post.

Real estate investing has changed our life. I know when I retire in the next 5 years or less from my job, we won’t be hurting for money. With my pension money along with positive cash flow, I know we will be set for life thanks to Dean.

Dean and his staff took away the fear of the unknown. I knew real estate can make people wealthy and with the help and support of Dean and all the good DG family, we will have success.

Trying to get my feet wet!!!

Ok guys so I took action for the first time today by calling and leaving an email to an FSBO I came across just a few minutes from where I live in California. The home owner called back and we literally spoke for about an hour over the phone, I can tell he was gettn more comfortable with me as I was, with him.

To make a long story short I did a little homework before I spoke with the owner and did an FMV of the home since I had good info. FMV is at $426,850 and his asking price is $569,000 or $550,00 cash buyer. Big difference I know! I am very familiar with the area all around where I live and I also looked at the "TOTAL VIEW" account given by Dean and his successors which is very helpful I might add. Anyhow, the area all around me is doing very good eventhough California is not. The house is not that appealing but in a very nice area! I see potential! I have no money or good credit right now so I'm trying the tactics Dean and his successors have shared in his books which I'm reading both back n fourth all day, all night to the early morning. Did I mention I lost my good paying job in 2008 and only working part time as of now. So it's tough in Cali right now for me and a whole lot of others.

The owner understood I want to lock a contract with him up to 30 days and said he wouldn't mind working with me but stated "what do I get in return in the mean time?" He explained "if I do that with you that means if other buyers call me I lose out with them because I'm locked in with you." Is that true??? He asked for a fee of $1,000 so I can lock it (refundable if sells). I guess my question is would he be able to except phone calls from buyers who are interested in the process? He also gave me another address to an open house for another property of his. I'm going to look at the home this week and take pics. I definately need some good advice on how to approach this next...

Thanks guys!
"We are all faced with a series of great opportunities
brilliantly disguised as impossible situations."

The Lion

Do you know how much money is owed on this home.

Steve and Veronica...

steve and veronica wrote:
Do you know how much money is owed on this home.

Hey guys... He owes $250,000

Dean...can't tk you enough


I'm finally getting the hang of the forums and I've learned so much. I've studied RE for yrs but this is the only place that pushes you out of the nest to go and fly like the eagle. Lately I was discouraged but then I find posts that give me keys that are so crucial in understanding an issue or showing me how to handle someone I might be dealing with.

There's only one problem...which you didn't mention...this site is addictive and can cause lack of sleep due to all the excitement and expectations of my dreams I've had for so long. Oh what a relief from all the other junk online just to sit under so many folks willing to share.

Can't tk you enough Dean...I guess you do know how you are being used as such a blessing to so many.

I'm 62 and through many issues I've come thru and things I've tried over the yrs, I thank the Lord for allowing me to be put in your pathway with all these wonderful people to bring to pass my dream of being financially independent for me and my wife and to bless so many others.

I read my commitment that I filled out as well as my steps you had me fill out to keep me focused. I've been sick for 2 mths now but i'm still pursuing all I can until I can take the action steps I need to do. I work in a call ctr so I have to protect my voice until it's healed up more so I can talk to buyers and REAgents without getting laryngitis again or coughing in their ear.

But I just wanted to let you know it's a privilege to be part of your organization.

From the bottom of my heart..

Thank you a million for all you've done for me...

God bless you (and I know He has)



If you think you can you can
If you think you cannot you are also right

You only qualify for what you pursue.
Mike Murdock

The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.
Mike Murdock

New, tentative, but taking action.

Day two off of "30 Days To Real Estate Cash", found a forum and I am posting. I am a new student to real estate investing and my ears are piqued to learn. I just went through 43 days of training at my current job to make $10/ hour. I went to the introduction to real estate at the Marriot Hotel this past weekend and I am going to challenge myself to have a deal by the time day 30 is here! I have looked around the forums here and really blown away by just how sincerely helpful everyone is!

I am scared but I made a promise to myself to be better this year after relocating my life to another state, and I intend to fulfill it. I am faithful that I took this step for a reason. Pray for me to be strong in God as I take one step at a time one day at a time.



Not giving up

Dean I joined in Feb of 2012 and has still not made my first deal but thats ok I'am still learning pushing forward I believe I will make money, just need to go alittle faster my goal is six months for first deal. thank you for so much help !!

My Story...So far

I was 1st pulled into DG just about 3 months ago when my mother brought me to one of DG's free seminars of his program. The decision of whether or not I should continue on to this program was already lost in those 3 months, as I had already accepted going into the program, got into the primary training workshop which costs about $2k, then signed up for the $20k Platinum Package of Dean's advanced training program, and had attended the Boots on the Ground event, and now trying to figure out how to do a double close and how to pay off the resultant tuition.

Still, as some weeks past after the BOG event and looking what is supposed to be looked at in the RE studies, a familiar sort of feeling comes to return: a vast, somewhat ponderous and combined sense of weary ennui and existential melancholy came over me that made me come to question not only my doings in Real Estate but the current reality of everything that currently exists around me, and subconsciously wondering whether the life that I am experiencing at the moment is really just a dream of sorts: something that unexpectedly ends abruptly and that the reality that is what is supposed to be real ensues afterwards.

Not that this prolonged notion is unfamiliar. That train of thought had probably started right around the end of my freshman year in high school. I don't really know what had started it, but then I had begun to feel that generally everything was beginning to be rather tiring. At first I thought that the schoolwork and the tedium that accompanies such responsibilities is the cause, but then that sort of boredom began to slowly bleed into everything I do. At the same time, a generally bleak acceptance onto everything that has happened to me, no matter good or bad, came to become how I come to take in the things that have happened to me and everyone else in my life. My GPA was pretty high on the first semester of high school, and I had very good grades on all of my finals, even with a grade of 100 on a 100 question World History test; on the final semester of High School, even though I retained a GPA of 3.5, I came close to failing 2 out of 7 of my classes, and I have failed 3 of the 7 final exams at the end, with an average grade of roughly borderline 70. During that time, I began to not bother finishing essays, probably because I came to realize that I would be writing rather long essays(and my paragraphs were long, as this entry comes to prove) that are timed, that eventually would be thrown in the trash a few years after they were graded(at least, that's what I think it would happen.) Grades I had eventually regarded with little importance; whether I got a 100 or a 60 does not come to emotionally affect me as much as other people. I had attended these clubs known as "honor" societies like Beta Club or Latin Honors, but I sort of fell out of them because I felt they were rather dull; the only thing that they would positively affect me in the long run were as a sticker of sorts to my college application. In general, the high school years which was supposed to be the most important years for people my age, to me I mostly regarded with much insignificance. I do not deny the importance that to pass high school would be a prerequisite to joining a college; I consider those years with little emotional impact when compared to other people.

This general consideration of emotional insignificance to... everything, as I may have mentioned before, does not limit itself to the school environment. Whenever I engage in verbal conversation with people, unless whatever they have to say concerns my well being, I would have nearly forgotten what they have said to me as soon as the words left their mouths(not that they would know, anyway). People would only hear half the words I would come to say to them, as the said words would leave my mouth as a quiet murmur; I was not very accustomed to starting conversation with people that would last more than 15 seconds. Because of this general social difficulty, I would come to detach myself from the company of other persons, not that I actively seek isolation, but rather accept the isolation whenever it occurs; if I had come to join the company of other people, I would be the one that would barely say anything, but I would quietly take in the conversation as it continues, a conversation that I would forget sooner or later. I would be distressed at my social isolation, and I indeed look upon my general loneliness with the slightest dissatisfaction, but I guess I can cope with such things through the combination of objective acceptance and frequent forgetfulness. Even as my mother came to discover later in my senior year in High School that my father had come to take a liking to someone other than my mother, and had courted with the said someone to the point that a child had resulted(my step-sister, sort of), and his eventual detachment to the welfare of the family he originally committed to altogether, I came to regard such sequence of events objectively as an unfortunate eventuality; we did, after all, send him to the Philippines to nursing school in his own devices for the duration of my High School years to fulfill his hopes of being employed in the medical field as a nurse, with the expectation that he would share his income alongside my mother, who has so far had been the only source of income that my family has in this country; as it turns out, my father's act of adultery came in his 1st year of nursing school, and the rest fell through. My mother regards the event with utter disbelief, as all of our contributions and expectations to my father's education went to waste, in addition to a ruined 17 year marriage. As for my opinion, I cannot deny that the sequence of events was of great negative effect to my family, but I felt neither sadness, nor hatred to my father, but rather a great emotional detachment to the whole event, a reaction that I admit would be somewhat disquieting. One fact out of these events which I had come to be admittedly dissatisfied would be that all of our monetary efforts contributed into my father's education, in which would be a considerate amount, had gone to utter waste; I would consider our investment to my father's education, in an investor's objective use of vocabulary, to be the worst investment this family has ever made, and it all ended on only one positive note that we cut off a liability, like how a motivated seller gets rid of his property on a low price just so he doesn't have to pay taxes on that house anymore. And the comparison is made, as he is responsible for leaving us with a significant amount of credit card debt.

It may be my father's absence throughout my years in High School that may have caused my ennui, as his studies in the Philippines have left mostly by myself as my mother works 7-9 pm on most days, or it may be my Asperger's. The absence of friends throughout my High School life made me come to accept that I would never come to make any, as it would be a waste of my time. I guess my motivation into doing this Real Estate thing is to find purpose in my life by gaining as much wealth as fast as possible, so that this whole "poverty" thing doesn't bother me and my family, and would allow me to leave to my device as I continue my search of purpose in this life. Even now, though, the questions that bother me as I type this thread still linger, and while the motivation to earn "$500k by New Year's Day" still exists, as of now I feel a sense of disorientation, a loss of direction in my RE studies. I am getting rather tired with my life at the moment, and I don't know where to go...




I'll figure it out, eventually.

need to move

I joined the DG family in May and I am presently reading "your town your real estate profits", but like you said I am reading but have not taken any action yet. I keep saying I have no money,I want multi-family units to hold,and I am afraid to talk to realitors and bankers. I starting to think I am just putting up my own road blocks. I say this to tell you I can relate to this situation.


Continue in all your life's endeavors.
As they say in spanish "Sigue palante y nunca patras", keep pushing forward and never backward. As I write to you, I hope that I am listening and take my own advice.

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