Not more than 2 hours ago my mom and I were taking a nice leizurely sunday drive through a Beautiful CITY PARK (Garret Mountain Park, West Paterson NJ)where you would NEVER suspect anything could be wrong.

When two cars stopped blocking the one lane road in and out with literally a mile of traffic behind us I honked my horn. When I did, 3 skells jumped out and attacked us. 2 were women that went right after my mother, when I put myself between them to seperate them and try to keep things civilized a fully grown man came up behind me and sucker punched me in the head a few times. All becuase I tried to PREVENT a fight. I probably need stitches now. Meanwhile the mile of traffic behind us did nothing but watch.

After I seperated evereyone, and defused the situation. I had all the MOTIVATION IN THE WORLD to GET THE HELL OUT of these neighborhoods.

So!Do you slowly see your neighborhoods going downhill? Is crime picking up in your neighborhood? It could be something as small as a stolen bike or bigwheel. That's how it starts believe me I've seen it happen more than once.

DON'T WAIT till it happens to you too! Make REI work for you! GET OUT while you can, while your home is still worth something. Before you and/or your family are put in danger.


If only I could remember I put a post up on the forums.

omg Matt

Fellow nj'er here. I know that area i reside in north jersey grew up in bergen county and now live in hudson county. Wow im so sad that happened to you hope you get stitched and get the heck out of that area. My motivation also comes from my surroundings there's so much crime in essex/hudson county i need to get out, and i know rei investing will make that happen. Again im so sorry that happened to you , i am new to this rei game so if you ever are looking for a partner to maybe mentor me or anything p.m me and let's get out of these bad environments together.

God Bless,
Gorgeous Frazier


I am so sorry that this happened to you and your Mom. Thank God you and your Mom got away. I hope you get stitches soon and hope your pain goes away soon!

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Glad you

Glad you and your mom are ok. You ran into what I call typical suckers. Don't be turned off by that. You ran into a few a&&holes. Once again glad you and your mom are ok and were able to get away from the situation. That could hav happened anywhere. Read and you should this negative thing and turn and use your anger in a positive way. You are at the right place. Read, learn, ask questions and apply it. Ya mind is your weapon in every aspect. Use it.


I got my mind made up..... (buyers site)

Thanks very much for the

Thanks very much for the kind words and wishes folks.

I wasn't whining about getting popped.

Just saying to anyone who may be in a similar situation, use this as motivation like I am.

I now have more drive and a "failure is REALLY not an option" attitude than ever:)


If only I could remember I put a post up on the forums.

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