Purchasing Short Sales

Purchasing Short Sales

I have been noticing a ton of "Short Sales" in my area more so than REO's that I have been interested in. I also have noticed through some of the threads that short sales can take up to months to complete. I'm alright with short sales taking a bit of time but I do needs some advice on the steps I should be taking.

I also found an awesome Realtor but before I sit down with her I want to know that I understand what I am talking about. I printed and made copies of all the contracts that I think I might need at this point also. Things are coming together, a work in progress but each day I have made it a point to accomplish at least one task to get me closer to the life I want for myself and my daughter.

Thanks in advance for any input and look forward to hearing any of your comments. Good luck to all moving forward from here.


Joey Shear
Moving forward and growing stronger

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