I just want to encourage everyone not to give away the keys to your car. What do I mean? There was heavy discussion at the Edge 2010 that most real estate agents so no because they are not in the know when it comes to creative real estate investing. I encourage everyone of you to search for that local agent that embraces these principles through his/her real estate practice. Personally, I love creative real estate investing. I have been mastering my real estate business for the past nine years and counting. I have developed my own local "POWER TEAM" to allow people to plug into the juice by creating a one stop shop for investing.

Yes, I believe the American Dream is still obtainable. Real estate is a team sport which means it takes people to make things happen. Furthermore, real estate is a contact sport which means we have to learn how to speak to other people to find and close deals.

My real estate mentor told me one time that everything to succeed was right in front of me. All I had to do is ask for it.

Are you asking enough?
I have a simple saying on my weekly real estate radio show:
1. Make the Call
2. Set the Plan
3. Do the Deal$$$$$

Easy enough? Keep it simple and straight forward when it comes to real estate.

Have a great weekend.


Harry F. D'Elia III

sound bites

weekly radio show? How did you manage that? How has business been with it? Is it cost effective from your standpoint? I have not gone this route because I like what I'm doing currently but I'm also interested in what others or doing - more importantly, what's working. Let us know.


Gary Rabatin
Certified Cash Flow Consultant
Founder & President of Gold Bar Funding Group L.L.C.
Private Real Estate Investor
"Building Wealth by the Numbers"


Radio is a very effective in your local market. I have been producing/hosting my own radio show for the past four years. Cost Effective? Yes, it is very cost effective when you have like minded individuals who are part of my local Power Team to share the marketing expenses. Saturdays are my fun days because I get to talk about real estate investing. I discuss creative real estate methods such as assignments, lease options, fix and flip, buy and hold and the big one OPM. I have create myself a nice little network here in Phoenix. I am very well connected to the real estate investing community. I love doing Arizona Trustee Sales because the hunt is on for bargains.

Perhaps people in the community would like to be on my radio show to share their success stories. What do you think?

Harry in Phoenix

PS-The majority of my investors love the Beyond part when it comes to Real Estate and Beyond


Harry F. D'Elia III


What loan help do you need?


Harry F. D'Elia III

Contacts in Tucson?

Scott and Susan from Tucson, here. We stepped out, went to the EDGE 10, and now we are JUST getting started, and are looking for Realtors in Tucson to help as we set up out team. Do you have any Tucson contacts in your network that might be of help to us? Also, if need be, would you be able to run MLS lists for us? Thanks for all of your help!

Scott and Susan in Tucson

Does Your Radio show stream online?

Is your Staurday show online anywhere? Also, do you have any RE contacts in Tucson?

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