A Update

A Update

I've E-mailed the Agent & told him that I backed out of doing any deals with him Because I feel that $630K just to lock up A Property is way to much & Outragous I can do Better & possibly cheaper.

I'm going to start looking for other Properties & A New RE Company & Agent thats Cheaper .

Cause After thinking I'm sure I can find A better & Cheaper deal then $630K which is Outragous to me & as I seen in my other Thread it was Outragous to Some of you .

So I'm starting over & this time I'm asking Questions Before I start anything .....LOL Become a little Smarter .


Ohhhhh & Yeah The RE Agent

Ohhhhh & Yeah The RE Agent who asked for the $630K remember Replied back to my E-mail I sent stating we never had A Contract & that we never had Contact .

So what was he intending to do with the $630K he claims to have needed ????

I'm like I know I can do Better then this I'm better then giving up $630K to someone Were I can possibly get A cheaper deal then that .

& to just think He never had A Contract set up , so I'm like what if I had sent him the Money & theres No Contract set up .

So I tell myself Start Over

So I tell myself Start Over , Ask Questions on Price locking up & more so I can make A Choice to Move ahead Or Move out .....LOL

DAMN $630K WTF? .......LOL

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