I need info on how to get started

I need info on how to get started

I am just getting started as an investor. What is the best way to build a buyer's list and find a real estate agent? I would like to invest outside of my home city/State.

I appreciate your help, Thanks!!



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on the site that can answer all your questions

Take your pick and good luck on your journey

Just getting started?

First ask yourself if you are looking to get into a deal and make a lump sum of money then get out (this is a great way to build seed money). Or are you looking to build residual income through rentals?

Lump sum money would be a fast cash strategy
residual income would come from cash-flow techniques.

Fast cash techniques
bird-dog (no money down)
assignment of contract (no money down)
double close (no money down)
buy & sell
buy, fix & sell

Cash-flow techniques
lease options
sandwich lease options (no money down)
seller financing (possible no money down)

The key is to determine what you are trying to accomplish then what resources you have or can use.

for example: if you are looking to make a lump sum of money and no money or credit to put into a deal then you'll want to use bird-dog, assignment of contract or double close.

there is a ton of info on each of these subjects in this site, it is awesome!!

Wish You Well


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Trying to get started myself

From what I understand read study read and read more.look in this site talk to DG family.DO like these good people in the DG family tells you. And take action.

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