free absentee owners list 25 people:-Update

free absentee owners list 25 people:-Update

Hello Family

I have decided to help a few begining investors out. I will give you a list of 200 absentee owners who are also tax delinquent in your city/town. Give me two zip codes and I'll get the list back to you within 24-48hrs. The list is the exact same names that are in your county tax assesor's office. I do ask of certain criteria so everyone has a fair chance.

* Brief description what steps you have taken towards RE investing.

* Why I should send you the list. (what you plan to do)

* Your e-mail address so I can send your list

I don't want to send the list and you do nothing with it. I want people who are REALLY motivated and go getter. This is a great way to get started birdogging and or doing deals.

I look forward to working with you all. Take care

** Pm your email address and what steps you have taken. For those of you who don't know, it's against the posting rules to submit your email in your post.**

NOTE: please PM your info.


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You're going to have a full time job sending out thoses lists soon. Get ready to be overwhelmed!!!


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Hi my name is moses,and i i'm still new at all this been working on a buyer's list the last 3 week's i have one deal i'm trying to get going,i love to have any help i can i can start working on a better life for my kids and wife,so any thing around the Pickerington Ohio zip code 43147

The State

Of Georgia. City is Macon, and two zips are 31210 and 31211.


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Chase Brooks

State: Illinois


Rock Island County



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Count me in! (Waving hands wildly)!!!!

Hey, Sac-Town'sFinest-

Even though I don't like to be called a "newbie", heres my entry:

Steps I've taken:
(1)Built a website & 800 number. (2) Joined a REI club. (3) Have "partnered" w/ 2 local realtors (obtained expired listings). (4)Have called & contacted over 20 sellers from Craigslist, Coldwell-Banker, Trulio, Zillow,& FSBO websites.
Am thisclose to making my 1st offer & closing my first deal. Already have 2 buyers on my list & looking to secure more.

Why you should send the list:
(1) It would greatly help me to widen my marketing efforts. I've sent "Yellow Letters" (20% response rate), posted some flyers, & am looking at bandit signs next.
The absentee owners list would give me another valuable target market that I could utilize immediately.
My zip codes are in Charlotte, NCarolina: 28202 thru 28212.

Well, thats my story & I'm sticking to it. Btw- sorry 4 not being very "brief"! Smiling




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she said 2(two) don't get greedy, she's got her work cut out for her.



Mike Free tools

Academy Students, ATTENTION

Why don't you ask your coaches how to attain this information??? Do it yourself and learn how, you won't have to depend on someone else to do it for you!! Then you can get as many zip codes as you want! Every month! You can't build a business on 2 zip codes worth of absentees! What about new information next month? What are you going to do about that? Isn't this part of what you are already paying for? Its always the path of least resistance with unsuccessful investors. Your competition already knows how to get this information and they did not rely on 2 zip codes provided by somebody else!

Today's scolding is now over.

Michael Mangham
MD Home Acquisitions LLC


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I've had my realtor working on absentee owners recently and I was suprised to see how short the list was. I would be interested in comparing what information you have. I would follow up on these asap with a phone call. I have a list of 12 investors on my buyers list, but would like to continue to increase it every week.

I'm in Madison, Wisconsin at 53711 and 53716.

Thanks for your time.



Is very true Mike didn't think about that! You definitely make a good point! On to the academy then......LOL!


You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you stop and look fear in the face. Do things you think you cannot do. Tough times never last, but tough people do.

See Where The Journey Never Ends At:

Chase Brooks

Hi Finest

my zips are 10466 and 10467

I have been building my buyers list for some time now. I have bandit signs up every other week. I do real estate full time and I now I'm looking for a partner or a mentor to work on some deals.

Thanks so much

Cheers Mike B

Hello, I started a couple


I started a couple months ago and have closed two deals. I have two properties under contract now. I am in Memphis, TN. The zip codes I would like are 38128 & 38134.

Don't feed me a fish...

Don't feed me a fish... teach me how to fish.... lol. Thanks!!!


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Hey Sac Town

Mike From T Town. Even though Mike M is right, Im looking for all the help I can get. Recently Ive joined the success academy, started building my buyers list, making phone calls and sendin out emails nonstop it seems like. Any help from you would be greatly appreciated.



Michael Starzec

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Absentee List

Hello Sac-townsfinest, My name is Dale and I desperately need some help !
I've been investing for 7 years now and I have bought real estate all the wrong ways. Which of course means I'm broke and can't afford to purchase anymore unless the deals are done creatively. My delemia is also complicated by working against a deadline I set for retiring from my current career as a full-time firefighter for the last 21 1/2 years. I need to do some deals to get rid of to much debt before I can make retirement an option.
If you choose me Please send me a list in these zip codes: 60422,60461 or alternates of 60423, & 60448.
I will be deligent in sending letters and tracking down owners to flush out deals.
Using options, owner financing, subject to's, lease options or any means necessary to secures some deals.
I'm currently reading Dean's 2nd book and realizing there truely is a world after your mistakes. You just gotta be falling down in the right direction !
Thanks and Regards Dale Iurillo

Absentee List...

Hello J (Sactownfinest),

I would be glad to get a list from you for zip codes 28262 and 28269. I will develop the list and identify some opportunities from it. If you need more information, PM me.

Much Thanks in advance,



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free absentee owners list 25 people

Hey I have 3 of Deans books, out of work so now I have lots of time.I'm tryin to build my buyers list, still building my team and can use all the help I can get I'm
from Long Island NY 11743 & 11746 please email me at

Thank you in advance
Thomas Byrne

Willing to Birddog for anyone wanting to invest in Long Island NY

Absentee Owners List

Hello Sac-townsfinest,

I'd like to thank you in advance. It's rare that someone makes an offer to help others in the way that you have done without asking to be paid. I'm sure you know that by giving of yourself as you are, your reward in going to be way more. I truly hope 10 fold by 10.

I've had bad experiences trying to wholesale, seams as as if I can't find an honest so call buyer that hasn't tried to steal each deal I've tried to wholesale over the last 3 years. I've learned finally, how to keep the deal. So I'll be grateful for your help. I'll let you know how things work out. the zips I'd like are 29209 and 29205.

Thanks again.



Clark Co. WA

That is a VERY nice offer! Well, we just got started with Deans books in Jan., we've joined an investment group, found an awesome realtor, I'm currently taking classes to get my own lic. too. We have an amazing Rehab company that works with investors. We've driven and looked and offered so many times in the last 2 months that I literally DREAM about doing comps in my sleep.Smiling

I think we will close on our first rehab then flip deal this week! Woohoo. I REALLY need some help building a buyers list btw--if anyone has a hit list to get that done. My ad on Craigslist netted zero replies....

Anyway Sac, thank you for your kind and generous offer! If you would be so kind as to provide us an absentee list for:
Camas, WA 98607
Vancouver WA 98665
We will immediatly send letters to owners and visit the properties to see what we might be able to accertain--renters, empty etc.

Thanks again & tell me what I might do for you!
JJ and LauraLee
The Couve ~ Clark County WA `The other Washington

Absentee Owners List

Firstly, I'd like to commend you on paying it foward with sharing valuable information to help people prosper. I wouldn't waste your time nor mine in responding if I wasn't serious. I'm soo hungry right now. I haven't closed a deal yet but I'm submitting offers and my confidence is growing each day as I apply what Dean and others teach concerning RE investing. I promise you that you won't waste this valuable resource on me. I'm grinding for I'm doing this Full Time now. Due to knee injury I can't work a regular "J-O-B"(yay), but I have a beautiful wife who's supporting me 200%. We just celebrated our first (official) wedding anniversary! I got to take her on a honeymoon, so I'm "working" hard, so that she won't have to.
Derick R. Jordan
Akuchi Enterprises
Savannah, Georgia

hello sac-town

10467 bronx,77478 texas, 1st I want to thank you for sharing info you feel might help anyone out.
I actually bought dean's book, the fal and aff system back in 08. Unfortunately i took ill and just recently went into remission and got a 2nd chance.I'm broke and have 3 children in college and 1 in kindergarden. I joined recently the success academy and with srtength,hard work,networking and determination, I know i will be successful.


reinvestor42 wrote:
she said 2(two) don't get greedy, she's got her work cut out for her.


Not my intention.

Meant to say- ANY 2(two) between 28202 & 28212.

Much obliged, SacTownsFinest.




"If you STAY ready, then you ain't got to GET ready". -Will Smith-

For the investors just starting out

I decided to take the time out to help a few investors that are just starting out and who are tying to achieve success. Some that are just starting out can not afford the success academy right now, so I'm giving them a resource they can use to help with getting motivated sellers. Thanks to all who respond. The forum topic also let's others feed from what your doing to achieve success and get tips they may me able to use. Just a thought....If you did not follow the instructions in my post, how do I know you are following Dean's instructions? Did you answer the two questions?


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Thanks for the offer..very

Thanks for the offer..very generous of your time. I have completed two deals with investors, I am a contractor. Have a 3rd offer in for another investor and will hopefully collect fee once goes to closing. Read Dean's on Craig's List..Bandit signs. And you are right can't afford Academy right now. I am the only income in my household with 3 kids and one on the to college.

Will take this list and start right away with phone calling, and/or letters to owner. I have additional investors that are looking for specific properties with 60% ARV. Should be able to meet this criteria with these properties. Zip codes 29412 and 29407.

Thanks again,
Vince Mills


I think this is the perfect time to get in on the ground floor of something big. Thanks Dean!!

Thank you for your generosity

Zip Codes are 34207 and 34209

I've read all of Dean's books and am putting together a buyers list.

Would really appreciate the 200 absentee owners list and will start
working on it as soon as I receive it.

I'll keep you posted on my success and thank you for your generosity.


Good Job

The zip code 20740 and 20706

1. Birdogging
2. Buy and hold

Great help

Zipcodes 20735, 20744

1) Locating deals for investors in the US

2) Try to help folks in my area for 2011

Thanks for your help...

Make sure you

Hey everyone, make sure you send me your email address so I can send you
the absentee owners. I forgot to add that in the original post but I have just updated....I'm reading everyone's post. Thanks for all the love. Please try and write more than one or two sentences on what have you done and or your efforts to achieve success.


To get something you've NEVER HAD
DO something you've NEVER DONE.


How does one generate such list by zip codes ?


I am a retired Prison Warden who wants to be successful in Real Estate and soar to new heights for the ones I Love.

Absentee list

That would be great,I made biz cards,put out flyers,bandit signs,have some tentant buyers,need cash buyers,worked with a realator for a while he just ended up wasting my time ,in the process of looking for another one,any help would be greatly appreciated.WHY:been unemployed,unemployment is about ready to run out,getting very desparate,I do have lots of time to make it happen! I'm in illinois 62321,62301,61455



Finding absentee owners

@Donnalee57 - What steps have you taken to try and find absentee owners? I ask the questions above to see if everyone is following and reading the book. You can find them on your own at your county tax assessor office (pretty time consuming). I have a close friend who works at a title company. If you would like a list please provide the info asked in the original post. You can always feel free to search on your own as well. Hope this helps.


To get something you've NEVER HAD
DO something you've NEVER DONE.

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