HUD Homes video that tells you about buying a HUD home.

HUD Homes video that tells you about buying a HUD home.

One of our Realtors sent us this video link on buying HUD Homes. It is kind of long but a lot of good information for the ones that do not know how HUD homes are bought.


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There is a lot of new investors that want this information. It is a good way to start investing b buying a HUD auction home.


HUD Homes


I found that video helpful. So helpful that I had a look at their website.

It would be a very good search engine for my use or anyone for that matter. If anyone is interested in HUD homes that is. HUDs seems a complicated method of buying a house with all the control in the hands of HUD or the FED. Then to even be able to look at the house you are required a HUD RE Agent. How much does he/she charge?

In the end, the results are based on the Auction and how it plays out.

Something to look into but HUD's just seem to have too many cogs in the wheel.

Thanks for your post.




good info, great way to get started

HUDs are great . . .

. . . especially if you're buying one for yourself as an investment and you're a fixer-upper type person. I bought one years ago with very little $ down. It needed a LOT of work, but I took my time and did most of it myself. Bought it for $57,000, lived in it a few years, and sold it for $80,000. Was a lot better than throwing away rent for those few years.

If I recall correctly, one of the stipulations in buying HUDs (at least way back when I bought that one) was to get the loan on it the home had to be owner-occupied. I don't know if that rule still applies.

To respond to someone's question about what the realtor charged, it's been so long ago I don't remember, unfortunately.

You could probably get some screaming HUD investment deals, but you just have to be able to play the waiting game. There are a lot more steps and takes longer to close escrow.

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Hud homes

Realtors that are HUD agents are just agents that whent through what paper work that is needed or process to become a HUD agent. They do not get paid untill the house closes like any other deal. We have one home we bought at a HUD auction already and we are bidding on more.

Even Investors can get a loan for a HUD Home, if a loan can be taken out on the house. Some of the homes are in real bad shape and a bank will not loan money for that house. I like to get a private loan and make a cash offer. HUD knows if it is a cash offer they won't have to worry about a loan falling out before closing.


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