How to fill out Contracts???

How to fill out Contracts???

I think there should be a place in this site that shows how to fill out these contracts. I have printed the contracts under the student resources.

I will be dealing with FSBO and assigning contracts not sure how to fill them out properly. I have an appt with an owner to show me his property tomorrow.

I've been searching on this site to find someone that has posted to show how to fill these contracts out and not been lucky. The forms I'll be using are the agreement to purchase and assignment of contract.

Would someone please help us new people? Or refer us were we need to go. I am determined to get started I like to be in control of things. I know once we get the concept of how to fill them out everything will be in the box.
817-694-2529 if you prefer to call. Thanks mellena



I too need to know how to fill out the contracts - I have to make an offer on a FSBO very soon and do not know which way to go. Its a SF colonial, and owner just wants to get rid of it - Note, my credit score is low for convential financing. HELP PLEASE

re attorney

Hey Mellena and Dgord!

If you have a real estate attorney who is familiar with assignment of contract, he or she can help you fill it out. You'll need a real estate attorney in the transaction anyway.



"He who is mighty has done great things for me...He has...exalted those of humble estate; he has filled the hungry with good things..." Matt. 1:49-53


I didnt think you needed an attorney to assign a contract.


Better to be safe than sorry. It is worth the money you pay to have an RE attorney just check out your paperwork. Possible small price to pay for piece of mind. ...Jan

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