Which Contract To Send To The Seller?

Which Contract To Send To The Seller?

Lets say I found a seller thats a FSBO:

-Which contract do I send Him or Her?

-Purchase and Sale Agreement Contract?
-Agreement To Purchase Contract?
-Assignment of Contract?

-And Do I just sent them the blank contract from the web page First before I do anything with it?

-Is the contract ok to use from www.DeanGraziosi.com website?

Thanks In Advance



I live in Wis and called an attorney. He told me they are both the same, but here to use the Purchase sale agreement.
And I have only done one, but I filled it out at the sellers house, we did it together.
I'm sure you will get some more good answers, but hope that helps. Call a local real esate attorney and just ask if the contract is legal in your area. They will not charge you to tell you.

Thanks sandiboots

Thank You Very Much

Pre foreclosure documents to use

My friend, who recommended me to buy deans book gave me a set of forms to use when closing the deal. They are the Option Agreement for Purchase of real property,Warranty deed and the Discharge of agreement to purchase statement.
I found the Discharge agreement form in Deans new book but cannot find the other two. I need assistance in filling out the other two forms. Thank you.

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