Looking For Bird Dog Contract That Works

Looking For Bird Dog Contract That Works

Hello Everyone,

My name is Chris and I'm Looking for a bird dog contract in .pdf format but I could never find it. i also ask investors but they never sent it(Weird)So I was wondering if someone out here can help me and send me an official bird dog contract in .pdf format that can be used for property in CA or Nationwide so I can make my first deal. My email is chrishabersham@gmail I really appreciate it if anyone can help me.

Thanks in Advance



Try going to the SEARCH/Enter top left corner type in Birddog Contract Hit enter and WALA!!!


Jay C

Did It Already

Thanks Jay C,

But I did that already, all there was were someone copying and pasting it and people talking about the contract. That's why I'm looking for someone who has it in Adobe format(.PDF) I saw many versions but it was all copied and paste that's sloppy. If I had the funds I would go to a Real Estate Lawyer to draw up one for me or something. Since I don't have the funds to do so all I can do now is look for someone to send me a adobe formatted copy of it. I have a deal waiting for me and all I need is the Bird Dog Agreement Contract.

Thanks For Helping

Birddog contract

Here is one from this site:


It's not in .pdf format, but you can copy and paste into your word processing app.


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Looking For Bird Dog Contract That Works

PM your e-mail address to me. I'll e-mail the .pdf to you.


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