Investor disclosure statement.....

Investor disclosure statement.....

I don't know if this is the correct forum, but my question concerns the investor disclosure statement and seller's acknowledgment form. I am confused: after the blank line where I fill in the amount I am going to recieve there is a blank line that relates to "a buyer that shall qualify for financing according to accepted criteria of___________and its funding sources." What goes into the blank line? Thank you for any input.


Hi Vernon

I am fairly new to this site and trying to understand what this disclosure form is? Where are you seeing this language (in a form that you possess or found in this forum?)

As I understand it, all you have to sign with your seller is a purchase agmt/option to purchase agmt, etc.

Please let us know what this form is and why you feel you need to use it.



This is the form that Dean talks about on pg 155 of his new book. It is used to let the seller know that I am an investor and I am going to sell the property and I am going to earn a profit from this sale.

I don't have the new book yet

but I have always read in the threads that all you have to do when assigning a contract is put "and/or assigns" after your signature on the purchase agreement you sign with the seller. This way the seller knows that your intention is to assign the contract to an end buyer. And there is also an assignment contract which I believe is in the forms and docs on the left hand side. This is the contract you and your end buyer sign.

Hope this helps!


I understand

I know what your talking about. Neil this is basically a contract for the IEE(Instant Equity Exchange) that Dean teaches... Basically used for a buyer that has to get funding from a bank for example. Not a cash buyer. It basically tells the seller your intentions on what you plan to do and how much money you plan on making.

But to answer your question I am not for sure what goes in that blank I was wondering the same thing myself!!

Hi Shaun

That's interesting. Wonder why we have to disclose how much we are making to the SELLER. Why does he/she care as long as they get their money to settle any mortgage owed and take out their equity. I understand letting the seller know of your intentions because you are adding "and/or assigns" on the contract, so they have to agree with this clause. You would think that the only # they should care about is the purchase price. Is the IEE contract signed by the seller and the investor ( our end buyer) and we don't sign but have to disclose how much we are making?

B4 I get the book, I would appreciate it if you would elaborate so I understand this better and why we would use this form and who signs the IEE.



The IEE is used when an end

The IEE is used when an end buyer has to obtain financing. So when you sign the actual purchase contract you are not using and/or assigns b/c MOST banks will not accept and/or assigns... When you are using and/or assigns your end buyer is a cash buyer or a buyer that has an HML and is not going through a bank. So the reason you sign this contract with the seller is to let him know your intentions. When you find your end buyer that has to go through a bank you get them to sign another purchase agreement with the seller with their name on it and you rip up the orignal contract with your name on it. Then when the deal closes and the funds are transfered into escrow the seller will pay you!!! EX: You bought the house for 100,000 and sold it for 110,000 so seller collects 110,000 and pays you 10,000

The main purpose of the Investor Disclosure Statement is to have a contract stating your intentions and how much you plan on making. That way you have a signed contract and you can make sure you will get paid at the end...

Contracts needed for IEE:
Investor disclosure statement
Purchase agreement: Not using and/or assigns
Property disclosure notice: If any
Discharge agreement to purchase: Which is basically an invoice that you make up stating that the orignal contract between you and seller is now null and void and the seller owes you X amount of money.

Hope this helps a little and is not to confusing... Dean explains it really good in his new book!! Def better then I do!! lol



I want to download the Discharge of Agreement to Purchase Statement off of the website. Yet, I can not find it. Is their another document I could use in place of the Discharge of Agreement doc.

IEE ideal

I thought the idea was to get your seller under contract, Knowing your
buyer needs convent money,And/Or assigns might not work. So you bring
your seller and buyer together,Have them write a new contract between them
adding you into the new contract as well!Once the new contract is written,
You will then tear up the first purchase agreement you had with the seller.



The discharge agreement is not on the website... This is how you will do it...

In Excel or any program you want to use (to make it look like an invoice)

At the top put Discharge of Agreement to Purchase Statement

Investors name and address (which would be you)
Sellers name and address (the original owner)

Then put:
Agreement Discharge Fee:
Investor/Buyer, (your name goes here), releases, makes null and void an existing contract/option with (sellers name goes here) dated (date of original agreement goes here). The fee for such services is (your fee) to be paid at the closing of the sale of Seller's property located at (Property address goes here). Closing/Escrow Agent is hereby authorized to pay invoice directly to Buyer at the above address at the close of escrow.

Total Due: (your fee)

Look at an invoice book that you can get at an office store and make it look like that or heck you could use that!!

Hope I helped!


This is straight from Dean's new book on pg.162

No one answered the question

No one answered "v hock's" original question. I know what v hock is asking about buy I do not know what goes in that blank line on that form. I am curious to find out because I plan on using these forms/contracts very soon.

p.s. thanks tennball81. I was also wondering about that discharge agreement. I also could not find it here on this website. Now I know I need to make one myself.

I am also wondering

I have been tryin to figure out what goes on that second paragraph line as well! Everything I think of doesn't make sense so if somebody would please let us know what goes on that line, it would be greatly appreciated! Thank You everybody for all of your input! It definitely helps us out A LOT!!

I'm Wondering...

Can anyone tell me what goes next to "Subject Property:" and what goes under "Legal description of the Property:" in the "Invester Disclosure Statement...? Thanks I appreciate all input.

I want a gold star :)

I'm a newbie and can be wrong so if any one wants to correct me please do so.

I think I figured it out!!! On the second paragraph goes the mortgage Broker or company name that you've sent your buyer to in order to aquire financing.

I'm not sure about the subject property line but the legal description line is something that you or agent will have to aquire: (It is information as listed on the land records that you get at town hall that you don't want to make a mistake on). Sometimes stated as lot# etc.

Hope this helps..



Contracts are indeed on site. Smiling
Link follows:

is this the verdict?

Is this correct anyone about the "blank" spot on the form mentioned at the top of this thread? I'm glad that I'm not the only one unsure about the blank spot. Please advise.


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Thanks for directing me

Thanks for directing me there but just out of curiosity, why isn't it in the forms and docs section?

Property Disclosure Statement

I hope this is the right forum for this question. Can anyone tell me about the Property Disclosure Statement and where I can get one? I found all of the other contracts okay, well, accept two, I just typed them up using the sample's in Dean's book. I love this site, and all of the forum's. there are a lot of knowledgable people here who are more than willing to help any way they can. Thanks.


So does anybody know the answer to v hock question?

"a buyer that shall qualify for financing according to accepted criteria of___________and its funding sources." What goes into the blank line?


you never know until you find out...

Investor disclosure statement and seller's acknowledgement

I believe when it says "This sale shall be contingent upon the Investor finding a Buyer that shall qualify for financing according to accepted criteria of__________ and its funding sources." I believe that blank is the Mortage Company that will fund the buyer.

Mortgage company

in most/all cases you should help your end buyer get a mortgage through the broker in your "TEAM," which insures YOU will get paid. Where it says legal description just write property address-usually a surveyor will give the exact location of the property in terms of metes-bounds,los-blocks each state is different but its neccesary by conventional/lenders to verify location and exact dimensions of lot in which property is located.


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Disclose, disclose, disclose...That's all I hear!

I am an Agent/Investor and Newbie on DG's site.
My area of investing are Wholesales and Lease Opt purchase and then rent-to-own with end buyer.
What form would I use to tell I'm an agent doing and Investment deal? I don't want to include my broker and have them get paid from my "hard work".

Please post or PM me if you have a disclosure you use or an agent you may know who does.

Something that says, I'm a real estate agent but I work for and own "xyz Investing Co" and I'm doing this deal as an Investor only and not an agent."

Love to hear back from all of you.

Mr. Godfrey
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Mr. Godfrey

What goes in that blank , on the Invester Discloser Statement

I am also new to the realty investment world. I too, find the forms a bit of a challenge to figure out. I think printing out the forms, that your interested in, make copies then highlight the areas in question and having a realestate agent or morgage broker thats willing to, go over them. The cool thing about doing it this way is , it can be a way to screen a potential partner. My best wishes to all.

Neil...I've been asking the same question....

I don't have the new book either....Is Dean teaching something "different"? I agree with you, as a matter of fact I was asking if the seller or investor have to know my profit from the assigned transaction????? As long as everyone is happy with the win/win/win situation then why does this info. have to be disclosed?

Pls. advise...somebody!



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Property Disclosure Notices

Some of my questions were answerd exept were to find the Property disclosure notice do I ask a real estate agent? Im stuck!


The Discharge of Agreement to Purchase Statement is a backup,which releases you from the Investor purchase Agreement but in the Investor Disclosure Statement it already tells the seller how much I will get paid were it says Investor will sell said Property to another party for approxmately $__________more than the amount for which the investor purchased the property from the seller.It is futher understood that Investor intends to earn a profit in this resale transaction.Why do you have to state how much your paid in the Discharge of Agreement too? and is it really necessary? Why you just can't void the Purchase statement with investor/buyer releases,makes null and void an existing contract/option with (sellers name)dated (date of original agreement goes here).All on the same page of the Investor Disclosure Statement.

Investor Disclosure etc.

Just woke up early on Saturday morning and stumbled across this discussion. This is great stuff and exactly what we should be sharing on the DG site.

I plan to make a Word document of this thread and use it along with the books and other material.

May partner and I are working on a new RE investment project and of course we need all the information we can get.

This discussion has prompted me to study forms and agreements a bit more closely. Thanks to all for opening this "can of worms!"

Alice and Jim

Affadavit of understanding

Hi everyone, Do anyone know where I can get an Affadavit of understaning and an Option contract for sale an purchase. I need it to do a short sale transaction.


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