Question about icons

Question about icons

Hi Dg Staff
I was doing a follow up to see when the icons for people that attended the edge would be posted to their account. I only ask because it gives creditability to the members that have gone and put in the effort to learn more. It helps people see that you have gone and spent the time and energy to learn the correct ways to do deals. I know it's a small thing to have that little tower next to your name but it helps a new person see that when you tell them it really works and you can do it...they know you know what you are talking about. Last years icons also were not put out so I thought I would ask for some help again this year. Thanks for reading and your help in advance..Keith


I have always wondered what each one stands for and who puts them up. I went to the Edge 2012, been to the Success Academy, rehabbed and sold one, sold a Probate, and worked on many and I don't have any icons... Should I?

Update...looks like I have some now.

Hi Kieth

Hows it going, it was nice meeting you at the EDGE. What a great event! Maybe we will both be on stage again next year!
I know Jeremy has been running his rear end off lately, so when he gets some time I hope he will give me one of those cool EDGE icons too! You need two!



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