The MOST IMPORTANT thing Matt Larson said at EDGE 2014

The MOST IMPORTANT thing Matt Larson said at EDGE 2014

It's been 24 days since the Edge 2014, it was a magical experience, life changing really, and it is a MUST GO to all the DG Fam!

The one thing that everyone at the Edge was talking about after Matt Larson's talk (which was epic) was the $100,000 in the checking account test before you get into cash-flow properties.

That was NOT the most important thing Matt said.
The MOST IMPORTANT thing Matt said was, and I'm paraphrasing...

"I lose sleep at night thinking about all the money I'm NOT BORROWING FROM BANKS"

I met multiple DGers at the Edge who have combined TENS OF MILLIONS of dollars locked up in excess equity in properties they own, that they could conservatively borrow with high Debt Coverage Ratios (DCR - look it up). If they borrowed that money, they'd go from a $20,000 bank account to a $1,000,000 bank account. Now tell me, if Matt didn't borrow all that money from the banks, how big would his portfolio be? A lot smaller. How big would his cash cushion be? A lot smaller.

If you have a massive equity in assets, Cash It Out!!!
Get your $100k + Cash Cushion and go buy up assets in this bounce market! This is one of the greatest opportunities in a lifetime to borrow at the lowest rates we may ever see, and reap massive gains in increased rents, increased property values, and massive wealth as things go back up!

If you need help doing that, PM me, email me at markriese at gmail dot com. I help EVERYONE I can on deals I will never see a dime from because I want the entire DG Fam to be wildly successful!



Thanks for sharing this I did not go to the edge 2014 but I will get there and hope to see you and all DGers.....


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