Quit counting the cost!!!

Quit counting the cost!!!

Defeat is only a state of mind and nothing more!
Shift your mindset. A failure is not taking something away or out of you; it's putting something into you instead. It is not possible to win any amount of high level success without first being faced with opposition, hardships, and setbacks. You just have learn to salvage something from every setback.

Defeat is only a state of mind and nothing more!
Being whipped is beneficial if we learn from it. As Dean always says.....R&D! (research and development) It's not that you will never stumble, it's not that you will never fall, it's not that you will never fail....it's BECAUSE you stumbled, fallen, failed and kept moving forward that you WILL succeed. It prepares you to handle the success.

I have stuck to my wall in my office (well alot of stuff - lol) but in particular in bold letters about 3" tall that says "ALL I DO IS WIN!!!" I bet I say this out-loud 20x a day if not more. But catch the point...it's NOT that I don't fail, it's because I know IT'S NOT OVER UNTIL I WIN!!! Doesn't matter how long it takes, what the battle, what I have to do....I KNOW I will win!

When you were first learning to walk as a baby....you'd pull up on something til you were at your feet. He or she would be standing there all wobbly but something would catch their eye. It would intrigue them so much they even though it was new.....it was scary they would let go half way get a few feet in front of the other then bust it! They'd work their way back to their feet again and again and again! They hit their tail 10, 20, 30, 50 times. But FINALLY they wobbled across the room! They did it! They walked! Never once did they say "well I'll try this 5 times and if I don't make it....guess I'll never walk" NO so you shouldn't either! QUIT COUNTING THE COST!!!
My point.....is set your eyes on your shiny thing (your dream) don't be afraid to fall. All you have to do is fall over and over again til you reach your destination! You've already done it all your life...THIS is just new, this is just scary but it's no different. JUST QUIT COUNTING THE COST!!!

Defeat is only a state of mind and nothing more!

Refuse to be denied and you want! It's not over til YOU WIN!!!

God bless,



Jen. Once again thank you for the motivation.

I bookmark everything you post . It helps me when reality stops me.

Thank you.


In order to Succeed your desire for Success should be greater than your Fear of Failure. Bill Cosby.
Some people dream of Success.... While others wake up and work hard at it
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Keep Them Coming Jen !!!

I'm sure I'm speaking for many others as well, but I wanted to thank you for posting ALL of your Motivational Posts! They keep me striving to move forward with My Dream, and removes All Doubt from my head, at least for a couple of days lol. But then, there you are Again, Posting another Great Motivational Post, to keep me moving forward again. We All Love You Jen. Thank You for coming back time and time again. You are A Great Person! I'm looking forward to your next post.

Thanks guys!

Thank you Chris and David! So glad you were able to take away something that you needed from my post.

David - you said "all doubt from my head" lol That's why 99.9% of all my post have to do with mindset in someway. Some say fear, money, no time are their biggest roadblocks. I still say hog wash! Even those three things have to do with mindset and how you think about it and attitude towards it.

Dean's already giving us all the exact tools, the path, the map, the HOW. Then poses the question then why don't we just do it then? It's US. It's our mindset, thought process and attitudes.
Why I get this deep seeded blessing and it's a huge driver for me to encourage others. I get this can't even explain it type of gratification from seeing a person light up with a word of encouragement. I love in someway to help them realize their own greatness within, to not just motivate them but to inspire them to step out and be all that God intended them to be.

Mindset....don't feel bad or that something is wrong with you for coming here getting a 'high' going out few days later, down again, getting another dose.
Just quit fighting it. You're playing mental ping-pong.
Look.....You wouldn't go get in your car, needle is almost on E and expect to drive cross country to AL would you? No, your body and mind is no different. It MUST BE FED DAILY! (with QUALITY 'food' might I ad!) Don't beat yourself up....just quit driving on E! Smiling That only gets you stuck on the side of the road!
Find what lights your fire and partake of it DAILY. Make it part of your morning regiment. It's only silly or crazy to those that don't get it. I have with me at all times something that fuels me. (in case I need a 'snack!' lol) Forget what everyone thinks, do what YOU need to do to get what you need to get! It's YOUR TIME! Go take it!

God bless you both!

You are DESTINED for greatness!!


My God

Jen, this is perfect timing and I needed to hear this info. You do not sugar coat it and you deliver kindly, respectfully and with care. I hope that never changes about you as you become even more successful. Mindset develops with the conditioning messages and information received. New insight and new perspectives. New ways to see things like where we started. Reminders and future visions that in our busy lives sometimes eludes us. You are the best and I love your fire and energy.
By the way, you and I sat next to each other for lunch one day at the EDGE. Do you remember me?

Love love love the analogy

Driving on E! Thank you Jen and I agree that daily motivation will keep us going! Soon we not only will walk, but we will run and perhaps fly!


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