Is zillow.com a good source to go by for the "Zestimate" Are they right on, or is it important to get the property appraised anyways??? I plan on putting houses under contract for less than they are worth, then assigning them.


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As far as I understand, Zillow.com is a good resource to use, however they are not always right on targer. It is always best to have the property appraised anyway and not just rely on a website to determine the value of the property. An actual appraisal report will give you the truest value acording to the areas comps, most recent sales, property amenities, and property condition. The cost of the report can vary depending on the property and the appraiser. You can also shop around and network with more than one apparaiser. Once you've established a good partnership with one, you can rely on him or her for all of your property appraisla needs. In fact, you can ask the appraiser if he/she would be ok if you requested property value checks for them. Usually, they can do this for you at no addtl cost. Hope my response was helpful.

another option

I agree with thinkbig - zillow is somewhat reliable but not 100%. I also use electronicappraiser.com. For 30 bucks they print out a very comprehensive report including FMV, which has always been right on target with my realtors numbers.


I think it great to find for sale buy owners there are so many the easy way to find a home i been using that and connecting with people that are selling trying to contract a few deals now got a good local real estate lawyer and she will be doing alot of dirty work trying to use the cbr power route find a good lawyer let them do alot of work for me hope all goes well fingers crossed, also have a friend thats looking for a house 8 in all in there household so this will be a good check found house for them on zillow

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