Well it is finally here, 2009! I just want to wish everyone in the DG family a Very happy new year. I hope you all have an awsome year and make lots of deals (i know i plan too). Well good luck and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


Having bad credit

Hi, i need help!i have bad credit and just want to get out of debt.i purchased Dean's program with the hopes of believeing that his program would work!i do not have xtra money for mentoring programs.i would like to know how to earn money from properties as one for obtaining finder's fee.i am a novice at all of this and hope that this program is trustworthy.Thank you.


Haveing bad credit, good credit, or no credit. Does not matter when useing Deans program, what matters is your heart and willingness to take action. Don't worry about what you can't control, if you want to start out getting finders fee or assigning deals and getting paid that way, then get your list of investors and buyers. Craigslist is a great way to make contact with these people, find out what they are looking for and go find it, lock it up and assign it and collect. I was in the same position you are. don't let anyone tell you, you can't make money with this program. Follow the steps and ask for help from all of us here and YOU WILL SUCCEDE I know it. GOOD LUCK!

Happy New Law Year

A recent law, HR2791; "Distressed Homeowner Legislation", in the state of Washington that was passed and became effective on June 12, 2008 is causing an uproar. This bill deems that anyone dealing with preforeclosures or foreclosures could be labeled as "Distress Home Consultants" and as such you could face severe penalties due the seller. There is still much I don't understand about this bill but it was originally meant to stop the scam artist. By the time the original idea for the bill completed its numerous rounds of being torn apart by the senante and house, it became what it is today; the bill is a mess with holes and ambiguous definitions and terms that may only be nailed down possibly in court. FYI - Just thought someone should know and maybe clarify this bill so everyone can understand its implications.


Never Give Up, Never Surrender!

Bad Credit

Hi Everyone,

As promised I am writing to let everyone know where to go to obtain their "FREE", yes, that's right! "FREE", credit report!

Here is the link below to begin the process:


Just copy and paste this into your browser window then go to the website.

*Note, you are only allowed to obtain one free report per fiscal year. If you would like another copy then it will cost a few dollars.

I will tell you to treat those copies from all three credit bureaus like gold! Make copies of them to use as worksheets and put the originals somewhere safe.

That's it for now fans.


Never Give Up, Never Surrender!

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