How to talk to a listing agent

How to talk to a listing agent

Hello everyone I and my wife are starting are new career as wholesalers. My question is how do we talk to a listing agent about a property we are interested in. There are several question I have:

1. If they ask do you have an agent what do I say?
2. Are you prequalified for a loan what do I say?
3. How are you going to pay for this what do I say?
4. Do I say I'm an investor.

Would greatly appreciate it if anyone can answer my questions. Thank you make it a great day:)


listing agent

1) If you have your own agent use them to get information on the property. You do not need to go through the listing agent. If you do not have your own agent tell them that.

2) Tell them it is going to a cash purchase. (you need to have cash buyers lined up and ready to go.)

3) Cash (You will need a proof of funds. Get that from your investors, or you can use this link

4) Yes say you are an investor and also represent a group of cash investors as well.


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Listing Agent

Thank you so much for getting back with me, and for your expertise on this matter. I and my wife want to make sure we are saying the correct things. Thank you for your time again, make it a great day!


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