FREE????.....Just wanted to say............

FREE????.....Just wanted to say............

I just wanted to remind everyone that all the advice given by us students on the site is JUST our own opinions and thoughts shared from our own experiences. What we've learned through using the strategies Dean has taught us, and from trial & error. So nothing we say is "legal" advice. Dean leaves everyone free to pretty much say what they want here. Which is really nice because we can discuss just about anything.
There have been a couple of PMs that were disappointed that the coaches couldn't give them more specific advice when it comes to certain things. There's that fine line when it comes to legal issues and such, that are more RE Attorney questions, so that's understandable. But WE, as students, are all free to have these discussions here.
Just wanted to put this "disclaimer" in for Dean. OUR advice is just that. Nobody pays to hear it. lol
Thank God this is one of those cases where "you get what you pay for" DOESN'T apply. haha
I don't know where I'd be without my mentors on this site. Smiling

Thanks to ALL and God bless,



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Well put Rina. When i first

Well put Rina.
When i first found these forums I couldn't believe all the actual experiences posted on how different REI deals were done. Alot of my questions were answered with out even putting one in writing.
I am much wiser because of people Like Rina,Anita,sistreat and so on.

I'll second that!!

We are sooooooooo lucky to have the freedom to share & discuss our questions, deals (or soon to be's) and feelings about what we are doing. There is no other forum in the "cyber world" like THIS, and I for one am very thankful for it! Everything about this site is AMAZING and OUR DG FAMILY is the best!
CBR, Rina, Lena, Anita, Sully & Sissy (to name a few) make this a great place to come, learn & share!!!! Cool I love it here (plus I'm addicted)! Smiling

That's my 2 cents.....



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I'm 3rd on Board!!

This is one of the best families outside my families that I have ever been with. The site, people, conversations, is just AMAZING. Especially you Rina, Elena, Anita, Sully, and CBR - you gals an guys make this site unbelieveable and it gets us to challenge ourselves everyday. I LUV IT! I can't ask for anything better.


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