After writing a bit about how important goals are, I wanted to make a thread where people can state their goals in a supportive environment such as the DG family! Remember, be realistic, but challenge yourself. After you have listed some goals, please DO let us know how well you did in achieving those goals. Please check out the link for some thoughts on goal setting.

Joshua's Goals for February:

Read at least one real estate book per week. Make it a daily habit to look through deangraziosi.com (something I must admit I've fallen short of doing).

Talk with 5 agents that currently have 4-plexes listed. Look at all 6 4-plexes in my area by no later than February 10th.

View 10 other listings that interest me by no later than February 15th.

Talk with my loan officer upon completion of all viewings within 2 days after my last viewing.

Make at least 5-10 offers, even if not all 10 are great deals (for practice). After all, I can back out later, OR I might just land a deal with an offer I didn't think I'd get accepted.

Own 1-2 of the properties I made a bid on by no later than the middle of March.


"Success should never be measured by how fast we get to where we want to go, but rather by the fact that we get there" - Joshua

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