To whoever is responsible for badges and points.

To whoever is responsible for badges and points.

I received 2 new badges today! Smiling
I am so thrilled about it!
I do not know why these little 'trophies' mean so much to me, but they do.
I have a nice little collection of them, the one that I like the most is the Gold Medal!
I received it today, I do not know why, but I am so excited and thrilled to have it!
To who ever monitors the site and dishes out the awards, I would like to say thank you and I appreciate it so much!


Alright Angela!

Good for you! Way to go girl! Badges are just our way of recognizing your contributions to the DG family. Keep up the great work! Eye-wink


Cool Elena Cool
Psalms 118:23 "This is the LORD's doing; it is marvelous in our eyes."

Like AngelaK, I would like to say thank you too...

I discovered that I had a bronze medal yesterday. It just showed up out of nowhere! I have no idea how or why I received it, but it gave me a boost. I'm not sure why such a tiny little icon means so much either, but I want to thank the one responsible for putting it there.

I registered on less than a month ago, and I'm still feeling my way around. It's nice that Dean thought of this site. It really is impossible to accomplish much of anything in this world without the right amount of support and encouragement.

The people on here are the ones that march to beat of their own drum, the ones that think outside of the box, the ones that dare to be different and aren't afraid to try something new. We are the certifiable "crazies" of the world. The unfortunate prey of naysayers and unhappy conformists. We need all of the help we can get. Eye-wink

If Probates and REO's Don't Work Out For Me

... I'll be selling the little badges to all of you out in the parking lot. (Just kidding.)

(Well, hopefully, I am !!!)

~ Sherri


And I mysteriously got two badges too !!!

I didn't mug anyone, honest.


We like badges!!!

Someone Should Write A Post And Tell What They Mean

Is there a "rabbit-shaped" badge
for when profits are multiplying
faster than we can keep up with ?

~ S


Badges are cool! Didn't even know I got a couple.

Thanx DG


"All Your Dreams Can Come True If You Have The Courage To Pursue Them" Walt Disney



I never noticed them.



Pig Shaped Badge

Or a Pig shaped badge for a pig of a deal? A Horse shaped badge for horsing around like now, and a dog shaped badge for a barking good deal, And last but not least, a cat badge for a puuuurrrrfect deal. Smiling Now back to work!




What did I get the gold ring and diamond for???

Because i'm a champion and priceless??? Must be


Those are gifts from your stalker ...

~ S

I'd like to thank the Academy....

"they like me, they really really like me!"



"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)" - Mike Spillman

"As long as there is breath there is hope!" - Mike Spillman

Badges.......wooooo hoooo!

I just noticed I got some too. Love them!


Today is a new day.
I will not let it pass without acting in some way ...

To advance my Real Estate Investor goals and grow ...
So that I can change my life, and the lives of those I know.

In Jesus' name...

Supply And Demand ...

Darn, it's less special when EVERYBODY GETS THEM !!!!! Eye-wink

Relax -- it was a joke.

~ S

How do we get them

....and what do they stand for?

There should be one

Hover over them and they'll tell you what they're for:

Bronze-no idea
Silver-no idea
Gold-no idea
Pot of gold-you're out there taking action and learning
Wings-special contribution
Halo-Super contribution
Diamond-you're out there doing and making deals HAPPEN and closing on them!
Skyscraper-Edge attendee

Other admin and coach ones.

I think success academy students should have their own badge too. Maybe the Graziosi emblem for the academy? Sticking out tongue If edge attendees have their own badge, why not success academy students too. Laughing out loud

I'm personally waiting for my Helpful Person badge. I hope I help people out here in the DG family! Laughing out loud

I should be getting a diamond badge soon enough! Sticking out tongue

Tammy ... That Was Very Informative ... Gracias !!!

Tammy ~

As far as I know, you are the first to explain the badge meaning ... And you should qualify for your HELPFUL BADGE for that alone !!! Smiling

I didn't even know you could "hover over" the badges for a label pertaining to them. Duh.

And if the Edge Attendees get a badge that is symbolized by a SKYSCRAPER ... then those of us who watched it on DVD at home should get one that is (at least) symbolized by a DISTRESSED PROPERTY !!! (Ha !!!!)

I think if Admin starts giving the Success Academy students badges, then they have to eventually take them away when people drop out. Too complicated. Otherwise the whole prestige of the Academy gets diluted.

WITHOUT QUESTION ... there should be a badge for people who "stay the course" and get their money refunded after five deals in their first year. Now THAT'S an impressive achievement for sure, and everyone should know it !!! That particular badge should simply be a big-ass sparkly number 5 !!! (Are you listening to this ... DG Admin ... I am officially putting that into the virtual suggestion box!!!)

Needless to say, I want a badge for a great implemented suggestion, and the most excessive use of exclamation points!!! So, there !!!

~ Sherri


How come i lost my gold metal?


Jay C

Jay C

Dude, maybe your steroid test results ... ?

Dear stalker....

Grazi2Graziosi wrote:

Those are gifts from your stalker ...

~ S

don't bother stalking me anymore.

Shows how much you fantasize over me


NOW THAT IS AN AWESOME IDEA !!!! i hope the dg adm sees that !!! yes you should get a badge of your own for that !!! lol


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need to sell ?
Need me to FINANCE a home ?


Grazi2Graziosi wrote:

Dude, maybe your steroid test results ...

Yes Maybe!!!!


Jay C

There should also be a badge

for most emoticons used by someone Jawdropping! Laughing out loud Smiling Cool Evil

I'm kidding of course! Eye-wink Shocked




I like Tammy's view on badges

I think it would be good for the Success Academy students to receive a badge after all for most of us the academy cost more than the Edge event. (Worth every penny). Maybe also a Set For Life Badge.

Any how badges don't put money in your pocket, I just like them.


You are movin' up!! Good

You are movin' up!! Good Job! Smiling


I know there is an explanation of badges on here, but I couldn't find it. If you notice every time you make a post you get points. As your points increase you get a badge, more posts...more badges. Once you start making deals, there are other badges, go to the EDGE...badge...etc. Once you get over 500 points you can qualify for the inner circle. little get credit for your points when you buy EDGE tickets...the more points you have, the less you get some points!


... Verses: 35 "but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; They will run and not grow weary, They will walk and not be faint." Isaiah 40:31 ...

Points and Badges

I know that points are related to badges, but I've figured out that racking up points doesn't necessarily mean you'll earn a corresponding badge.

For instance, I noticed when I received my bronze medal the other day that plenty of posters with more points than mine didn't have any badges yet. (That's why I was so shocked that I got one!)

You get points for every post, regardless of what it says. I think the formula is something like points + content = medals. I mean if a site administrator (or someone) feels that you've added useful content to the site they'll give you a medal. (Still don't have a clue what I did to get one.)

The other badges, as already mentioned, you get for doing things off of the site, like making deals, attending the Edge, etc.

All that being said, I'd give a couple of points to whomever might be able to tell me what MY medal is for! Laughing out loud

Rabbit Badge?

I don't care who you are...THAT IS HILARIOUS!!

Now I want a badge too!

Haha I was thinking the same thing

Im not sure why these little things mean so much to me... But I definitely want more Smiling

I confess ... my two children are rabbits who gave me the idea!

Go to YOU TUBE and search for their tv commercial:

"Celebrity Rabbits - William and Shakespeare"

But it would be equally amusing and appropriate to have a bunny badge for that reason !!!

~ Sherri

put your mouse

arrow over the badge and it will tell you what it stands for. I don't know how long this has been active but it works.

Steve and Veronica

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