anything that just made your day that much better!!!

anything that just made your day that much better!!!

for i had to go online and pay my tmobile bill and i was thinking man its time to give money away lol but then!!!! the first screen that i see offers me a loyalty plan because i have been with them soooo current plan is 39.99 for 1000 whenever minutes and unlimited night/weekends.....WELL the offer they just gave me was 49.99 for unlimited whenever minutes, unlimited nights/weekends, and unlimited my faves!!!! how could i pass up that deal for jus $10 dollars more!!!! It just made my day

plus i have an appointment with a fsbo of 5.6acres of commercial land on sunday that i am lookin forward too......its selling for 750,000. its way under market i will explain to him what i can do for him if i can sell it for much more

wish me luck


"Saying I can't or I will is a world of difference that will set you a world apart" (ME) Edwin L.
"Where there is a will there is a way" God
"Knowledge is only potential power, taking ACTION it is the real measure of intelligence" unknown
"True insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results" Einstein

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