Begginer Questions

Begginer Questions


My wife and I are considering joining the coaching program. We have spoken with the representative a few times but we would still like to hear from people actually in the program.

1-We currently live out of the country and will be doing all our transaction from initial research through closing without ever seeing anything in person. How much will our inability to visit the sites hamper our chances of success?

2-How long did it take to make your first sale? Second sale? How long have you been doing this?

3-What kind of experience did you have entering the program? (we have none)

4-We have bad credit in the US. How serious a problem will this be?

5-Is there a way to speak to one of the coached directly before starting the program?

6-Our main concern is finding buyers in today's market. Has this become more of an obstacle using Dean's techniques?

7-This one really bothers me- I heard from Dean himself that the business does a million dollars a week in sales. the rep said they have an 86% success rate. He also said that after five sales Dean asks for a testimonial and will give your money back for this. That means that only 14 of the participants in the group.

Personally, I don't care how much the business makes, but since I am trusting the company with my future, and Dean himself says that transparency is very important, I would feel a lot more comfortable if all the pieces fit together.

If you could please help us by giving us feedback, I would really appreciate it.

You can either answer this post or PM me and let us know how we can contact you directly.




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