Newbie Intro Just saying hi

Newbie Intro Just saying hi

Greetings all

ok I finally took some small action I been watching the forums and blog for while but finally decided to join today.
I have deans course and book be a real estate millionaire and plan on ordering his other profit from real estate now. I always had interest in real estate I was even planning to get my real estate license but right now it may be more fun doing it on the investors side.

I'm still a little after listening to some of the past conference calls my fears have faded a little. I currently have a job but I know my credit situation right now is not the best, which is why I find the finders fee option kind of appealing.

I live in the lancaster/palmdale area

my next few steps would be to maybe get a website going and maybe print out a few cards.
and to start working on my buyers list which is the most important.

are there any investors in the forums who are in my area of ca ?

Talk to everyone later



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