Motivation or Intimidation.... Which one works for you?

Motivation or Intimidation.... Which one works for you?

Motivation or Intimidation.... Which one works for you?

Thats a good question isn't it. I am writing on this subject because everyday, when I log on to the site, I see numerous members posting on things such as agent intimidation, negative comments from family and friends and even those in the real estate world.

Then to keep an even balance I will read even more post from determined, creative and motivated individuals that seem to thrive under the negativity of others.

I guess my point is this. Which one of these people are YOU? Everyone here is here for the same reason. To become a successful REI. We can only achieve this by action - not by succumbing to what others say about us. So what! if they tell us we are crazy and that the ideas we come up with are stupid and will not work or are illegal. This sort of response is usualyy illicited from one that has no contrived idea of what you are doing and how you plan on achieving it.

Ignorance by realtors, brokers, and others should only serve as a motivation for us, as the REI, to seek to learn mre and find the answers to those questions that we KNOW will be a screw in our hinge to success.

Stop posting all of the negative, or if you post the negative, post it as a footnote to a positive. If you post about 10 realtors telling you "NO" then also post about how this only served to motivate you even more.

If you live your life to seek things that motivate instead of Intimidate and discourage then you WILL succeed and a whole lot faster. If you spend all of your time worrying about he naysayers and the negative when will you have time to stop prcocrastinating and jump in with both feet.

No one knows your mind like you do but no one can succeed for you either - you need to decide if its motivation or intimidation that you are seeking. If its motivation then JUST DO IT!..... if its intimidation, then perhaps you need to re-think your reasons for getting into REI, maybe this is not the field for you.

Success comes from action, failure comes from wishing you HAD acted!.......


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