The E.D.G.E Conference

The E.D.G.E Conference


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Or better yet, Greetings from the E.D.G.E. I am in Phoenix, AZ at Dean's very FIRST Conference. I don't know how today will go but last night at the Meet & Greet was AWESOME!

I met so many people from the site and I got to see Rina, Laura Johnson, Elena, Lloydsap, Vaugh and many, many more.

I can't wait to post on Day 1 of the conference. The excitement, the education, the enthusiasm and well I guess the "MAN". Dean is to open the conference this morning at 9am and "teach".

Keep tabs on this blog for more exciting info to come. I will try and post as often as I can this weekend.


All I can say about yesterday was that it was a fully packed day and the information relayed was awesome. Dean and his group are the best.

I have met some really wonderful peeps from here on the site as well as Deans staff that I have communication with. His staff is wonderful and all I can say is that you ARE who you surround yourself with.

Wait until next week when DGADMIN post info about the conference - you won't be able to restrain yourself.

Well I gotta run, almost time to get started this morning - I wish EVERYONE was

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Those looking for pics being posted by attendees checkout this post also!


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Well At LasT!

Well the conference just ended so I will tell you this - IT WAS AWESOME!!!

We learned some great info on Lease Options and Lease Purchases, Buying Probate properties, Buying Non-Conforming Notes, Hard Money Lenders, Financing and much much more!

I want to give a special thanks to the DG staff and Dean himself. You uys ROCK!!

If you were here plese feel free to add to the post. I have to run because I am going to dinner with Rina and some others from the group but tonight I will post in more detail - but I will tell you this, Dean is releasing a NEW program that will blow you away!


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My Aha taken from

My aha moment was when I discovered how easy it was to obtain property through bying non-performing notes. Now even though Tallmedga Bell (i loved you) was a little long winded) I understood and hung on to every single moment. Buying notes that are receinving few or no payments at all for almost nothing was just amazing. I had actually had someone buy my note from me when I bvought my very first house when I was 25 y/o but I was in desperate need and I have never given it a second thought.

NOW.. I see the other side and talk about a whole NEW perspective.


I want to tell everyone that DID NOT make it there, that has to be one of the top 3 highlights in my life and I kid you not, I awoke this morning and thanked GOD for being gracious ennough to let me be here. I thanked Him for the people that were put in my life here as well as the knowledge I received.

I knw I dont mention GOD much on here but anyone that knows me knows that I am a walking testimony so let me keep it short but say thins...GOD is good everyday...and everyday GOD is good.

I am sending love out to everyone, those that made it there and those that did nt. We must remember that all things happen for areason and it up to us to take those opportunities and make something out of them.

I will pot a HUGE load of pics on my face book page so check it out later today. Right now I am getting ready to check out and hit the road backto CALI -


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Wish I had been there, sounds like it was awesome!

Keep us posted, Anita. We're

Keep us posted, Anita. We're only hanging by a thread here. As one who didn't have the resources to attend, I'm eagerly waiting to hear from those of you who were there. Share the wealth, folks. : )

EDGE 09!!!!!!!!!!!!


Freaking Amazing!!!

Freaking Amazing is how we feel the event went and how we feel about all of you! It was a great experience and we feel like our family is that much bigger & better.

We have made a vow to be on DG more often. We want to share our experiences with you and help keep you pumped if you will all do the same for us!

ANITA- You are fabulous - Thanks for getting this thread going!

GREG - You've inspired us all to work hard. My favorite quote from Greg over the weekend was, "You can be as successful as you are willing to work" That is so true - the more you put into this the more you will get out of it. Keep calling and pushing forward and the deals just pour in!!!


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Just got here!

I've been the working side of fix & flips for 5yrs. now as the GC for the projects. Needless to say it's not the side to become an investor from, I just got the books yesterday and have gotten through a lot, not all, but again it seems that if you don't have credit or cash how do you get off the ground??
I'm 40, 580 score and self-employed, none of which helps me get into a contract to buy a property?
Don't mean to sound stupid but how can I get started in my position??

Awsome Anita, I tried every

Awsome Anita, I tried every avenue to get there but could not do it.
Even tried upping my cc because i thought it was worth getting there and learning from everyone. but could not do it. Well if dean does it again next yr I WILL BE READY!
Thanks for the post.

Bird Dog, Assignment, Sandwhich L O, or a Money/Credit Partner

These are the 4 best ways to get off the ground with no $$$$ out of your pocket.

Bird Dog and Assignments: Go to a REI club meeting and find out what everyone else is looking for - get their specific criteria. Then go find that property.
- Bird Dog: They will pay you a fee for finding the property for them. This can range any where from $500 to a percentage of their end profits.
- Assignment: Lock up the property with a contract, then assign the contract over to another investor for a fee.

* We have had great success with both of these!

Sandwhich Lease Option: Lock up a home with a contract to buy in 24 - 36 months, or even more if you can, then offer to take over their payments. This works well on properties that have been on the market for a long time or for homeowners with little equity and just need to move on. Then you find another buyer that wants to buy a home to live in but doesn't quality for a traditional loan at this point. Set them up with a contract to buy in 12 months. Then get them in touch with your mortgage broker that can help repair credit. - This is a great system, but can get long winded when explaining! There is some great info on this in the PMI site.

Money/Credit Partner: See if you can get another investor to invest with you or qualify with you. You are a GC so you have experience. Use their $ and then share the profits with them.

Good luck - There are always more options - that is why Dean says "Think a Little Different!"


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Bummed In Los Angeles.

Hello Anita,Greg, Chip & Andrea,

So awesome to hear how fabulous the conference was. I can feel your great Energy, just reading the thread. I am sooo bummed that I couldnt go. But Im sure if there will be another one I will not miss it! Thanks again Chip for your recent post on bird-dog.


Incredible Experience!!!!

There are really no words to explain the weekend for me. It was overwhelming with the knowledge, enthusiasm, excitement, meeting Dean and his family, all the staff, and all my DG friends! Like I shared at the conference - it was dreamlike meeting everyone I have known for the last year in this virtual computer world face to face in the real world. Just amazing! On the plan I spent 5 hours reading my notes and writing goals and action steps for when I got home - I couldnt wait to get back and get busy! Then, when I landed at the airport back in Jersey - my first message on my cell phone was my realtor telling me one of my many offers has been accepted and another is looking really good. How cool is that Smiling So everyone who missed this year - mark next year on your calendar! To everyone I met there I just want to say thanks to all of you for being in my life and sharing so much of yourselves. Love you all!
ps - Chip & Andrea - you guys are so inspiring! It was great meeting you and hearing your journey in person. I am really happy that you will be coming on the site more to share here. You will reach and help more people than you can imagine!!

wish i was there!

Hi all,

I read and read and then go online here and read,
i am so excited to get started, this site is really
good for me to read also, i need all the encouragement i
can get , thanks everyone!
i wish i could of been at the meeting , everyone that
went , congrats! maybe next time i can be there with
Deborah in oklahoma!

Next Year

Man I wish I could of made it this year but next year I will be there. Sounds like everyone had a fantastic time and learned tons of information. Just reading everyones posts has me pumped up. Just like OCL said "keep us posted Anita, we are hangin by a thread"

Great to meet everyone!

Thank you to those of you that attended this year's Gain the EDGE event. It was very nice meeting each and every one of you. You all are just as amazing in person as you are on the site. To those of you that couldn't make it this year, there is always next. Hope to see you all in 2010! Smiling


Sitting at Sky Harbor Airport right now ready to head home after one of the most incredible weekends of my life! I can't wait to get home and get back in here to thank everyone for the powerful contributions you all have made in my life and so many others. Meeting Dean and so many DG friends in person was one of my dreams this past year, but I could never have expected it to be as wonderful as it was, or to come away with so much more knowledge and so many new friends. Anita, I can't wait to see the pictures! Hopefully a lot of us will put pics up for the friends that couldn't be there.
Well, it would take me forever to post more through this phone, so I'll wait til I get home. Hope everyone had a safe trip!
Love to all!
And thank you Dean, Megan, and all the staff for giving us a world-class REI conference that compares to none! (We're so spoiled. lol) I don't think we'll ever be the same!



"Obstacles can slow you down, but they can only stop you with your permission." Dean Graziosi (BARM pg 101)

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

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Meet Dean in Las Vegas

I am Dom, and I just finished reading the two books I ordered from Dean. While in the process of reading the books I can feel a lot of opportunities knocking. I have two friends approached me if I could help them sell their house presently on short sales. Before reading the books, I don't know nothing about short sales, foreclosures, tax liens, assignment. Now, I am armed with the different strategies I have learned from Dean's book. I have a lot of ideas I would like to share, but before going further if Dean would like to schedule another seminar, forum or any other real estate gathering how about holding it here in Las Vegas. Additionally, I owned my house in a very good location here in Las Vegas and just by driving around my community there are 7 houses with for sale signs. I called the realtor and they informed me that 4 of the houses were on short sales and the other 3 foreclosed. My community is very near the strip, airport, UNLV school, and stores.

The Weekend that changed our lives!

Hello Gain the Edge Family,

We are so excited to hit the ground running after attending the Gain the Edge 2009 event. This event exceeded our expectations in every way and provided a tremendous amount of useful, complete and right now information. We can't wait until next year to compare notes on everyone's progress and share information insight with each other. Dean, the guest speakers, the information content, the other attendees were just the best A++. This event was first class from start to finish and packed so much information into this weekend it was great! It was like getting 100 pounds of potatos in a 5 pound bag! I was able to get every single one of my questions answered by Dean and the other speakers. We met and made new friends with a wonderful group of other people. We just want to thank Dean, and his team for offering and hosting such a tremendous event. Good luck to everyone with their real estate deals and chasing the American Dream to financial freedom.


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Congrats to you!

Hi Laura! I am so Glad to hear how well the conference went!I see that you returned to New Jersey.I wanted to know aside from the good news you received when you got home;have you been successful with this opportunity in New Jersey?or,has it been more of a benefit out of state?Thanks for your response in advance,Richard White


Richard White

WOW Is all I can say!!! I agree with Anita!!...

Hello to all my new DG family and those I've yet to meet! I can only sum up this weekend by agreeing with Anita, in that this was probably one of thee best experiences I have EVER had in my life!!(Great to meet you Anita Eye-wink ) I was intimidated going to this event seeing as I am younger, but my fears were immediately proven wrong, and I walked away knowing that I am extrmely blessed to have come across Dean and his family at this point in my life. I can't honestly remember anything I've experienced where I felt so much positivity,support, motivation, and direction from like-minded people who genuinely want to see me succeed. Everyone I met was extremely nice and had something valuable to offer including the staff!

I knew after the first ten minutes of the conference that I had made a wise decision to be there and that Dean, unlike many out there, was in fact the real deal holyfield! You just can't fake the funk for very long before people catch on, and believe me he's not faking it. Dean truly is such a great, transparent, passionate guy in person, he seemed like a buddy that I would want to hang with even if he hadn't showed me a better way to live through his program.(I mean c'mon the opening song of his video montage was one of my all time favorite songs by Pink Floyd called "TIME" which, if you look up the lyrics, are very relative: No one is going to hold your hand and tell you when to start the race in life. You and only you, MUST get out and take action, or else before you know it, life will have passed you buy and you'll never know what could have been. So set some goals,grab the reigns, and make it happen captain!!)

I especially enjoyed how Dean, even through all his success, has not lost touch or forgotten what its like to be in most of our shoes. He proved this at the conference by interviewing his students, and then stopping them, and having them back up to explain in detail the exact step by step process they used, and then taking it further by making time available for questions.

So to make a long winded post longer, I would ABSOLUTELY reccomend everyone get involved with Deans program and definately the next E.D.G.E. conference!! I literally was in the airport watching all these people race around, working the grind, being away from their families and friends, and after Deans conference this weekend, I see life through a whole new lens. I wanted to tell everyone I saw, "Hey! There's a better way!" Now I understand how Dean must feel. I apoligize for the novel, but I'm still fired up. I feel bad for the poor guy next to me on the flight home who's ear I talked off...Cant wait to hear from you all and of your success'! God bless all of you!



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Hi everyone... I'm new to

Hi everyone...

I'm new to the site, I am really excited to become part of the DG team. I've been reading Dean's books and it is amazing what he teaches and how can a little bit of creativity can HELP in different situations. Or should I say "Think out of the box".
I look forward to be reading more of good motivational experiences and also hope that I can share some good ones with all of you.

Wish all of you lots of success and blessings...




Wish I Was There

Yes, from everything I heard the conference was great. I unfortunately was not there and bummed that I missed it. My family doesn't go on many trips/get togethers anymore, and our one trip out of the year that we had lined up since virtually the year before was during the same weekend as the conference. I wish I could have been there because it sounded amazing.

Maybe I can try to twist Dean's arm to do another one sooner than later so I don't have to agonize about missing it for the next 12 months. Eye-wink

Keep the feedback rolling in this thread. I am eating it up!

When will

When does the conference come to n.y?I have heard so many great things from so many people across the country;and it is exciting!How well do these strategies work in New York,Philadelphia,or New Jersey? Please comment back-Thanks in advance-Richard White.


Richard White


This was Deans first conference of the sort. I can't speak for him but he lives there, so Im assuming aside from the great weather this is why he has it there? Can't say I blame him I'd do the same thing! Smiling However being from Minnesota I wish it would be held in February. If there is one thing I learned attending Deans conference this weekend it was that his methods work anywhere. It's a matter of learning the methods Dean talks about in his books and identifying what your market is doing. I believe the book suggests starting in an area you're familiar with so that you can know the good,bad, and the untapped areas to invest. From there you can decide which methods will work in your area and create a recipe using one or more of the strategies. (Lease option, assignment of contrat, short sales and so on) People are making deals all over the country! I just met and learned from a bunch of them this weekend! With action and determination anyone can make this happen! Check out some of the videos on the website here. Laura Johnson she is from NJ I believe, one of Dean's best students is from Iowa, other successful people from
FL. WI, CA etc. so yes it can work anywhere. Like Dean says you just gotta get in the game and take action! You can do it too!


Everything comes to him who hustles while he waits.
Thomas A. Edison

Be not the slave of your own past. Plunge into the sublime seas, dive deep and swim far, so you shall come back with self-respect, with new power, with an advanced experience that shall explain and overlook the old.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hey all....

It was great to have met everyone. I wish I could have spent time with each of you to get to know you'll better. I hope to make some deals with some of you in the near future....

To Dean and staff, thumbs up!... and Megan,...well, you know! Eye-wink



Don't Wish the Past, Create the Future! - DH

Here's to networking!

And to the best virtual REI Club a person could find!
Can't wait to hear about the great successes from everybody!!


P.S. The new badges are pretty cool. Smiling Now we just need everyone to put a picture in their profile so we can all tell who's who! Eye-wink


"Obstacles can slow you down, but they can only stop you with your permission." Dean Graziosi (BARM pg 101)

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

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jp here, thanks for all info an concern for our well being.I want to thank everyone for giving chad the vote of confidence.I can't wait for all the power points to be posted to show my other partner Paul.thankyou for a way to recoop money lost in trust

Hey Vaughn!

Your posts are amazing! You sound like a coach! I really enjoyed meeting you - and in two short days I watched your confidence grow tremendously - it was awesome! You are so lucky to have found this at your age. Keep it up and I bet next year you'll be on that podium Smiling
Richard - as far as your questions about New Jersey, I will say that I have alot of posts on this site where I whined and cried about how my area wasnt good for investing. Well, I'm here to admit right now that I need to eat my words. While I worked really hard the last year - I didnt 'step outside my box' until the last month and now things are happening. And after this weekend I know my possibilites are endless - and so is everyone elses. The key is DOING, and dont say something wont work until you try it! There is a strategy for every town and every market. Put fear aside and go for it!
Man, I miss Phoenix already Smiling How amazing it was to be around nothing but positive thinking, loving people for 2 days straight! I'm using that as my force field to repel all negativity haha.

I guess it goes without saying.

To all who attended the conference, thanks for sharing with other members of the DG family. We do appreciate. Speaking for myself, I look forward to the next conference and hope it will be during the summer. Will we be able to view a video tape of the entire conference or at least some footage? So far, we are receiving information that will definitely make us "think a little different." Good Luck to all.



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Hey Anita, Laura & Vaughn!

Hey Anita honey!
You are such a blast, I'm so glad I got to sit next to you. I wish we could've hung out longer! I forgot to mention the non-performing notes blew me away too! I never would've thunk that either. I had a little experience with performing notes, but non-performing? What a concept! I tell you, the things I learned at the event were monumental!! Thanks for sharing all your knowledge, sharp wit, insite and pictures with us. YOU'RE STILL MY HEROINE!

Wow, Laura!
How cool is that? You're here doing your thing in Phoenix with us, plus you have a deal when you get back and another possibility? Way to go sister! Now that you've changed your mindset to believing in the endless possibilities you will see wonderous changes... I'm so happy for you hon! Laughing out loud

Hey Vaughn!
You're posting more!!! Your confidence is awesome buddy, so put a picture and your profile on here so everyone knows who you are... LOL! I know you'll be announcing your next deal very soon. Stay in touch and keep posting, you're an inspiration to all of us because you've got a good head on your shoulders at your age! I'll always cherish the great time we had and all the laughs at dinner.
Tell Matt to chime in too! Eye-wink


Cool Elena Cool
Psalms 118:23 "This is the LORD's doing; it is marvelous in our eyes."


Hi,Just wanted to say thanks for the positive response!


Richard White

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