EIFS Stucco (Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems)

EIFS Stucco (Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems)

EIFS is a synthetic stucco surface that was orginally applied to commercial buildings in the early 1980's. Shortly thereafter it started appearing in residential construction. The older systems used between the mid 1980's-1990's created problems for homeowners by trapping moisture below the surface of the stucco and causing dry rot on the wood sheathing attached to the wood framing of the home. Newer systems have been created with superior vapor barriers and better flashing to divert water. Many homes were built accross the country involving these earlier systems. Enough installations of this product have become subject to leaks that some insurers and lenders have shunned homes with this type of covering. When in doubt about the condition of a EIFS Stucco Home, hire a home inspector (qualified to inspect these types of property's) or ask a Stucco Contractor to evaluate the surface prior to purchase. For more information about EIFS go to http://www.eifsdepot.com.


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Thanks for the insight on stucco surfaces

Thanks for posting the information on stucco surfaces. Last year I was considering a stucco finish for a building but we decided to go with thin brick. I enjoy reading about this type of information for my future projects or deals. Thank you and Believe and Achieve! Smiling


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I would not consider EIFS to Stucco! Stucco is all natural compounds, When EIFS is not natural compounds.Yes you can get mold either way, But i will take the natural over the man made any day of the week!Stucco is limestone... EIFS is styrofoam not to say the other man made finish that goes on top of that! I am stucco and never messed with EIFS...If i want to do EIFS as a contractor there is only a few carriers willing to provide liability insurance and on top of that...Get your funds ready to depart.If i am buying the insurance or if you are fixing your EIFS problem.EIFS is truly a great idea,Hands down!The only problem is...It has had problems!
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