Working the market

Working the market

Here is a PM I received that I wanted to make note of. I believe we can all learn from this:

I need help getting started. I have several challenges I'm having difficulty solving. Will you help?
First is no money. I mean none. My husband is a commercial fisherman currently scalloping in MD right now (we're in CT) to scrape together LAST months' mort. payment. Talking of cashing in our daughters' (we have 3) savings bond to make this month;s pymt.
SECOND, I'm hearing impaired. I'm finding it difficult to set up deals. People around here dont want to commuicate via email. They want to talk on the phone which really difficult for me. Face to Face is better but that leads to challenge
THREE My girls, they are 7, 4, 2. Not professional to bring them, even 1, to look at houses. It's bad enough I have to drive a minivan. Getting a sitter is getting expensive, espcialy for deals that arent' working out.
FOUR southeastern CT market is HARD! There's no middle ground here. Houses are either not selling or selling for 95% or more of asking price. I've spoken to 5 agents and they all say the same. I live by 2 major casinos..Foxwoods and Mohegan sun, close to Pfizers, and EB (submarine maker) They all have a hiring freeze going on.
WHAT CAN I DO to succeed at this? Will you help me please?
If you've read this far...thank you. I hope you respond, in any way.

1) Money is not an issue. “Empty pockets never held anyone back. Only empty heads and empty hearts can do that”. There is a lot of learning that can be done. Real estate can be done without money. The question is how? You will find in a myriad of posts on this site how to do this business.
2) I know there are a lot of hearing impaired services that are free or low costs that you can use. What I would suggest would be a Realtor that understands investing and also understands that there is a need to communicate through email or instant message. I have a Realtor that wants to use email and instant message mainly – I just hate email. I know there are Realtors that can work with you.
3) My kids have gone to properties with me. I say why not? No one seems to say anything to me. If the property cannot stand up to my kids beating I probably should not buy it.
4) Many can say that their markets are hard and maybe yours is hard BUT there are people doing real estate investing all over the country, in every area. The questions would be: How are they doing it? I would suggest not so much worrying about the market, understand it – yes, but not worry about it. Then, start making offers, a lot of offers – with contingencies of course.


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working the market

Hi I am just starting out in the investing arena as well and I am a realtor in CT. I recently attended the CTREIA meeting this month and they had plenty of investors, realtors, private lenders, etc. People who know about re investing and are doing it right in CT. You might want to start there.

working the market

I have terrible credit and very little drive but I do know this works all it takes is putting one foot in front of the other and don't stop. FIND A WAY! I tried to get financing with my mother's credit and that fell thru, so I am looking for other ways and I will find it, and I don't care how long it takes, I have a meeting with my realtor this Friday to look for options on his end. Maybe he has a seller that would like to carry the paper on a home or I can rent to own. I will find a way believe me if you don't give up and continue to find a way, you will- like Dean says "I don't know if it's the universe, God or whatever, but as soon as you start looking for it, it will somehow appear and you'll be there". I hope this helps you. be persistent, everyday.



I love it.

Bethseller thank you for your additive this is one of the greatest ways I personally believe people can get started. Any that have gone to real estate investment clubs will probably agree that you come away from meetings with a feeling of "I can do this", and names of buyers, sellers and financers.

Again thank you for your comment and I love it.


If you would like the chance to work with me or one of my fellow real estate investor coaches and our advanced training programs, give us a call anytime to see if Dean's Real Estate Success Academy and our customized curriculum is a fit for you. Call us at 1-877-219-1474 ext. 125

Bring your kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This will add a personal touch to the deal and sellers will see that you are a genuine person!!!! The right person will do the RIGHT DEAL with you and you will be thankful for your children yet again in your life. Don't look at things as a negative...spin it and be positive....IT WILL WORK IN YOUR FAVOR! Being a real genuine person to a real genuine person will make the contract for you. Heck at the very least you may find a cheaper baby sitter...ever think of that. You are canvasing people that need you...need your service and are not in the best positions in their lives either. Remember that! Use everything you can to your advantage and your success. Focusing on the negative will only bring more negativity. I am telling you...someone will see that you are there to help and not hurt them and they will understand that you are trying with everything you have to make a better life for yourself and your FAMILY!!!! Compassion goes a long way in this game. You have to learn how to give it to others AND if you can get it from a seller...EVEN BETTER. This is a family business you are starting right? So why keep them from it? Get them involved now...they will help you later and they will not mind to reap the rewards with you either.

Another suggestion is if you are finding communication to be hard out of the may want to try "bird dogging" a few deals. They pay less but it will keep you on your feet until you find that big payoff. At least they will fund your mortgage payments and you wont have to tap into your other assets. Furthermore, most other investors will deal with anything to get a good lead so your hearing issue shouldnt be a problem. Who in the right frame of mind would not want to listen to someone with a lead that can make them money. Theyd be stupid..and not very successful. Read the book again!!!!!! AND STOP THE NEGATIVITY!!!!! The energy you took to type the email should have been put into constructive "outside the box" thinking to make yourself a success! Im not trying to be mean but making excuses gets none of us anywhere. Put a positive spin on things and do what you need to do to succeed. It will be worth it when your driving to the bank with your kids to cash the check that you long for!!!!

Good Luck and all the best.

Sky Real Estate Services Inc.

Keep your head up...stay motivated...stay excited (its contagious)...and STAY POSITIVE!


SKY Real Estate Services, Inc.

"Money Doesn't Grow On Trees, But It Does Fall From The SKY!"

Work on line more with for sale by owner folks, it might help

Hey I am just trying to finish my first deal and I did everything via email. I have talked on the phone, but there are other ways to do that. Look on and go the realestate for sale for your area. Then once you are in that screne then search homes for sale by owner. That is where you are going to find your deals. A lot of folks who are selling by owner are the folks that might take the extra time to help you through the process. Let me know how everything works out! Keep trying hard and everything will work out soon!


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For Rachael

It is time to cross that line in your mind! I do not know if i am willing to cross it...But you can do it with respect, And that is for both of us! For me either i am going to do this or i am not...I am not the type of person that will ride the fence! As far as,Market! Wipe the tears out of your eyes, A strong market works better for me, I will flip them from 12:01 AM to 11:59 PM
And becareful of the hype.Honest if i had the answer to your Q i would not tell you the answer and why is that rand, Because if i tell you...You are people and you still have Mind,and all of the other things/REI is all mind and that is all you need and i say that for people that don't have the other things. I want so bad to just buy a property but i am truly scared with the info i have now...Like i said i do not ride the fence
(1) coach program
(2) impairment / gift
(3) Kids can't live with or without
(4) Respect yourself/ instinct/ The market is for everybody


just isn't fair; i'm getting dicouraged.

jmsscarface wrote:
Hey I am just trying to finish my first deal and I did everything via email. I have talked on the phone, but there are other ways to do that. Look on and go the realestate for sale for your area. Then once you are in that screne then search homes for sale by owner. That is where you are going to find your deals. A lot of folks who are selling by owner are the folks that might take the extra time to help you through the process. Let me know how everything works out! Keep trying hard and everything will work out soon!

I will probably have a problem on craigslist because most of the homes they have listed are 300k and wouldn't seem like much of a deal if i only was able to get them to knock off 5-10k off the asking price...then again the homes might seem worth it...just seeing the prices that 3-4 bedrooms are going for has me a peeved since i bought my little 2 bedroom condo 2 yrs. ago for about the price those BIG houses are going for now...not fair.


Needs some serious motivation...Should i contact agents with short sales or the sellers themselves, Have the address but only agent's number.

To Rachel

We must be neighbors, I live in CT near the casinos and I am a new investor just getting my feet wet. I have found many deals and oppotunities in this area. I am also a Reator, DO NOT listen to those who say the market is bad. They may not see our vision but we have to. I just had a baby 7 weeks ago and I have 2 other children, 16 & 12. I bring them with me to look at houses. They wait in the car and I tell the homeowners they are my assistance. My family is struggling also but it will get better. If I can help you out PM me. Good Luck!!!! If anyone knows where the CT real estate investors clubs are, please PM me.




Half full or half empty?

You listed several challenges. But what are your advantages? We all have both but it is the people who look for the positives that will make it big. 1st you have a husband who loves you and children who will lavish kisses on their mommy no matter what the day brings. You are mobile, can see. Do you have an eye for seeing what is possible in a house that others might think is a dump. Me, I see that diamond in the rough. I won't swing a hammer, but I can find a good contractor when I need one. Do you have friends that will look for abandoned houses when they are out and about. See what I mean? Lots of things going for you that others do not.

I read that obsitcals are for people who don't want something bad enough.

Hope you have a great weekend!


"Faith is taking the first step even when you can't see the whole staircase."

~ Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929-1968)

To Rachel

All I can say is wow! You really are trying very hard to stop yourself from making money. I read your post and all I really see is FEAR of the UNKNOWN.
You are doing EXACTLY what Dean said NOT to do. I suggest you do the following:

1. Go on the media diet Dean suggests. No newspapers, conversations, or TV for at least 2 weeks. ( I had to do this in order to get over the fear myself.) And, I even went to the extreme of taping a piece of paper on the front of the TV that says: I am on a media diet. I will not watch-read- or talk about anything negative.Period

2. I immediately upon opening my eyes tell god and the universe how grateful I am for this opportunity. I am grateful for all the information and am grateful that I can take action.

3. Understand that only you can lift yourself out of the mess you have already created. By letting life, big business, and media lies run your life, you have allowed them to place you in a negative hole. You are assuming that life is hard. A favorite sayings of mine is: life is as hard as you see it.

If you think it's hard- it will be. If you think there are nothing but clouds in the sky- then that is all you will see. You will never see the sunshine if you don't look for it and acknowledge it. You must change the inner you before the outer world around you will change.

I know it sounds like a pep talk but I truly believe it.

Maybe my story can help you a bit.

I was fat, sick all the time, depressed, overweight, and have not been in a relationship, with no physical contact for nearly 3 years now. I had been living in a RV 5th wheel trailer built in 1977 for the last 5 years in trailer parks that would make your skin crawl.

I hated living there but because of the age of my trailer- it was the only place that would allow me to park it. Finally, I caught what I thought was a break and thought well I will move my trailer to this nice lot and share with a Girl friend of mine. Well, after a few months it turned out she was doing crack cocaine, prostituting and my god, I think I met all the pimps,**** and drug dealers in Tampa. I personally do not drink, smoke or do drugs- so you can imagine how distressing this was for me.

Finally, after 2 years of searching I found the place I wanted to be- renting on a lot (7 acres) where my 4 dogs can run about, neighbors but not close, it was great. the monthly rent was what I was looking for.

After about 4 months, I thought it would be great to upgrade my living circumstance, have more room, so I bought this mobile home for $300.00 spent another $400 to move it to the property, set it up and move in, I moved all my stuff into the new trailer, went to work that weekend, woke up Monday morning to the code enforcement knocking on my door telling me I had 30 days to get rid of the trailer, or it was a $1000 day fine. This was right before Thanksgiving 08.(I ended up donating it to a family who needed.)

I said okay, then code enforcement proceeded to tell me I could also NOT move back into the RV I still had, it was against the law to live in something less than 900 square feet, and the property was only zoned for 1 house.

So here I was out of money,(200 in the bank) now i had no rv or trailer, the trailer on the property belonged to the owner and it was in real bad shape. If you walked on the floors you fall thru in most places, the ceiling was falling in or missing in some places, no kitchen period. he owner mainly used it for storage.

I was so overwhelmed with depression, anger, and a bunch of other feelings. I didn't have anywhere to go, my family would not take me in with all the dogs, no friends here really, (moved here some years ago), so basically, I was @ss out.

But, I liked living on the property. Finally the owner, who felt bad about my situation was kind enough to convert half the trailer for me to live in.(he still uses the other half for storage.) So I now live in one large room, one bath, one kitchen (still no cabinets or sinks, or appliances)and it's not the best of circumstance but it will do until I can make a better move.

I am still living there as I write this to you, however, I do see where things can go better for me. This was a stepping stone for me, it was a scary time for me but it also made me realize that nobody, nobody but you can make the changes for better in your life.

I was desperate and really depressed one evening. I was crying, upset, eating myself to death, literally. I said a little prayer to god and asked him to give me the tools to change my life quickly and soon. I really needed to make a change or just leave this world.

I finally fell asleep crying that night. But something weird happened later on that night. I usually am a sound sleeper once I have fallen asleep and will usually wake only in the morning- well that night at around 1 am I was sound asleep- and suddenly, fully awake, sat bolt upright. No reason for it. and there on TV was Dean's commercial. I watched the entire commercial, ordered the books and fell right back to sleep. Amazingly, I only woke up for Dean's commercial and then fell right back to sleep. And, I never, never, never, on the spur of the moment order stuff off late night tv commercials. EVER.

Well, the book finally arrived. I read it here and there, but even though the book had arrived, I didn't read it from cover to cover immediately, I was very skeptical.

I would read the book while doing laundry, I would read the book in the bathroom while taking a bath, but like most things thought it would be a gimmick. I had lost faith in just about everything.

I read the entire book and put it down. Now, usually that would be the end of things. But it kept nagging at my mind. And I still hadn't taken any action. I didn't even do any of the things suggested in the book, but there was one thing that Dean's book DID change for me finally - my mind. My attitude.

After seeing all the layoffs, foreclosures,negative news, I realized that Dean was right- I had to stop watching the news, talking about negative things, or reading negative reports.

I began to look at things differently. I began to research where I could by signs at, buy a new computer to do this business, READ the book again. Set up the website (I own my own hosting company), set up the automated system, design the advertising, find the Realtor, mortgages handlers and such.

Well I am happy to report that although I have not done a deal yet (and it scares the bejeezes out of me), I refuse to stop. Because I have refused to stop I have already found a couple of buyers, a couple of homes in foreclosure, a wonderful land deal. (I even taped a huge sign on my bedroom door that I see every morning that says: I REFUSE TO STOP!)

My point is- if you stay scared. Your gonna stay broke. I was hoping to be chosen as one of the students that Dean practically holds your hand to get this stuff done, but I don't think that's gonna happen. (I haven't gotten a call saying it will.)So, even though I don't quite understand what I am doing yet, and may not for quite a while, I refuse to give up. I refuse to be broke. I refuse to let everyone push me around. I refuse to lose. I refuse to believe the media hype.

While I might be nobody in the grand scheme of things, I do know your fear. I do know how life can sometimes beat you down and make everything feel like a hardship. But, I also know that you have the power within you to stop whining, stop looking at everything as hardship and instead see it as a blessing. When you look at everything in your life as a blessing- it turns everything around for you.

Now, you may ask given the story I just told you, where exactly do I feel blessed? Let me tell:

1. I live on 7 1/2 beautiful country acres.
2. I still have my beloved dogs around me.
3. My closest neighbors are going to be cows. (yes cows!)
4. I have peace and quiet.
5. I can increase my wealth.
6. I have inspiration now on how to better my living circumstances.
7. I am increasing my attitude of gratitude.
8. I have purchased the cam to do my video recordings.
9. I have built my website.
10. I am on the road to advertising for my first assignment. (hopefully it will soon.)

I have a healthy family. And, so much more. I am very grateful for this opportunity to build something for myself. and my brother, who is watching my every move since I told him about Dean. He too is interested in doing it, but is waiting to see if I can pull it off. So he can do it too.

So I have a lot to be grateful for and so do you. Perhaps, if you sat down, late at night when all the kids are in bed and really looked at the positive things about why you SHOULD do this program.

Whenever the fear and negativity creep up on you just say this out loud or even in your head:


Stop thinking and start doing. I Started doing and it's changing my life.

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