Bandit signs are illegal in Texas...oh boy

Bandit signs are illegal in Texas...oh boy

Hello to everyone.

I have read both of Dean's books and am moving forward steadily. I have my 800 # set up with 9 different extensions for various aspects of REI. However, I have run into an obstacle which is a bit of a big problem here in Texas. A major part of Dean's advertising technique focuses on the use of "bandit signs". I have been researching this issue and found out that they are illegal in Texas. People are actually at risk for arrest and being fined $500-1000 per sign. They have made the penalties VERY stiff and are really cracking down on violators.

It is no wonder that I have seen almost no bandit signs on the side of the road.

My question is what can we use to replace this very valuable, but unavailable marketing tool?

I am aware of flyers, websites, news paper ads etc. I am just wondering if this if a minor annoyance or a real obstacle to driving people to my 800#.


Try ....

Hi Big! Ran into the same problem in certain areas too. So the alternative was POST CARDS. They are inexpensive stick out a bit more than a business card and can be put up on the info boards you see in stores. Also ask "the little corner store" if you can put a flyer in the window or leave some business cards. A lot of the little coffee/sandwich shops have places for you to put stuff like that up too. I also like them because I can mail them.
Good luck!!!
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Termite inspection today. a

Termite inspection today. a good possibility for another link to buyers/investors

Marketing Forum

See the marketing forum for some very great strategies working well for others. Pull tab flyers, car flyers, community bulletins can all work well in replacement/addition to bandit signs. Networking with other people in the "scene" (everyone from landscapers to realtors to inspectors to title companies...) is very effective to get word of mouth business.

Indeed, everyone... always check the laws pertaining to your area regarding all aspects of any form of business, marketing, etc. Something that may be total legal in every other place in the country might have laws or restrictions in your state, county or small town. If you are unsure, check.

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