Badges and Medals?

Badges and Medals?

I got my silver badge at 200 and my wings at 227 points... I am so lost on where these badges come from and how they are given out.... I was thinking that my gold badge would be next, but instead I got my wings.... not complaining but just wondering... Of course this not urgent...ITS JUST BEEN BUGGING THE CRAP OUT OF ME!!!!!!!!!lol... Any one with some info on this subject or wondering the same thing please feel free to ponder on what they are and how they are assigned with


you never know until you find out...


It is actually rather funny about the badges. We have never been told what most of them stand for and, yes, we know they don't make us any money. But they are still fun!



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...Very Interesting...

I just cant wait to close my first deal. There's a Diamond Badge wit my name on it!!!!
And im going to collect it!!!


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Valerie :)

Valuni wrote:
they help you stay motivated; especially the diamond one! you get a deal and you get a badge! a double win!

@ Angie: I used to read a lot before I started posting too, but once you start posting, you can't stop...


Yea, I see that !
WOW ! 6K ? You go girl !
I gotta find me a diamond Smiling


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At last

I know, I know - it’s about learning, doing deals, supporting our DG family, but the what and why for the badges has been driving me NUTS! I was so thrilled when I got some; doesn't change what I do and get done, doesn't directly put money in my pocket, but Karen was right - they're fun! Thanks DGadmin!

Not to worry

I am pretty sure that they awarded when they get around to it. I suspect that the red IE means Insider Elite. I joined the Insider Elite and don't have the icon but will probably have it put on when someone gets around to it. I also agree with the post about not worrying about badges except maybe diamond which means you are making deals so good luck to everyone on getting a deal done and getting a diamond badge.

warmest regards,

just wondering

I was wondering about this too, and so did a search which led me here. thanks for the input. I see the badges are given out arbitrarily. Was also wondering about the different levels and if they are given after a number of posts or what; like what does it take to become a DG Superstar?; maybe I'll look some more as maybe that question has also been answered.


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woo hoo 1st badge

just noticed I got my 1st and 2nd badges (bronze and silver) although I really couldn't tell you exactly when or why. Smiling
My advice don't worry about the badges; just keep learning and participating. Smiling


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