Motivated buyer but no house

Motivated buyer but no house


I have been trying to build buyer list first and I have the perfect buyer now yeay!! she is very motivated and she want to get in biger home ASAP..but don't have the house my buyer looking is the issue..the buyer is in Virginia and I am in MA the condo she is looking for is in Virginia..the question . so let me break it down below..

1. In order for me to do offer I have to go with idea of what kind of property the buyer told me,since I live 600 miles away I can't go see the house . same time I can't send the buyer to go see the house with out being locked becuase she may take it with out me.

2 The buyer is using FHA loan not sure if she can qualify for the propery that is being sold " as is" since most of properties in that area are bank owned.

3. I don't have good credit or money to buy so I may need to use hard money /costal funding if i need to do double closing.....

I need help I should handle this please. the buyer is depending on me to find her condo / SFH in Annandale VA that is less than 200,000 that means I have to get the condo /SFH way less than 200k..if you have info or even want to partner please email me [edit: please do not post emails or phone numbers]


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