Okay.... You convinced me. Check out this analysis tool- we want your feedback!

Okay.... You convinced me. Check out this analysis tool- we want your feedback!

Update! The limits of 3 per person have been removed! I checked the stats, and you all are using it A LOT, be were are staying in our threshold of what we can handle. If things start to get too crazy we might have to switch the limit back on...

Message from Dean:

The feedback is in and it's been juicy!

Last week I posted some videos from my
recent live event, and asked you all to
tell me if you wanted more.

The overwhelming response was a resounding
YES!!! So, my team and I have decided to make
a whole bunch of you VERY happy!

We are putting together something that will
absolutely blow your mind.

Including the wisdom from the live EDGE event
and specific new programs I've hand-picked
to allow you to profit big before the beginning
of September - for those ready to jump in.

Now I know it's driving you crazy that I'm being
so secretive, but I promise it is for good reason.

Now, in a moment I'm going to ask you to click
a link and you are going to see...

Another Mind Blowing D.G. "FIRST"

This is a tool my programmers worked night and
day on for months to create for you.

It is in Beta and literally, we are just releasing
it for this Blitzkrieg. We will continue to improve
it based on your feedback, ideas on functionality and
any issues you encounter.

There are TWO quick rules:

1) This rule has been removed... we removed all limits on access!

2) Some rural parts of the country don't have data on them
like the metro areas do. Right now, you will see an example
of the power of this tool, but we admit that not every
property in the nation has available data on it.

We will continue growing the amount of properties we have
data on.

Now, once you see this tool, based on your experience you
may or may not see the FULL INCREDIBLE VALUE of it, but
more will be explained to you, so just poke around and see
what you think so far.

Oh...and I'm still just getting warmed up!

So, without further ado, go play with this:


Talk to you again Thursday of this week,

Dean Graziosi
Real Estate Expert


P.P.S You are gonna flip when you see this yet
it's still the tip of the iceberg baby!



I tried it out the other day and it was working just fine and I put in a few addresses in the site and it came up but it was slowly. Wish it could be faster while its searching for the property on the net. I am still testing it and will let you know. Thanks again.

Warm regards,

Paul T. La Moy

Totally Wicked

I check rent rates and latest sales all in one place. Dean you and your team are truly awesome Smiling


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the Merciful.
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Just Took a Peek

The site is working fine. The search took a little while, not really a long wait. Gives a lot of info including estimates and zestimates. When this is perfected, we might not even need all those other sites that want us to pay to get property info, we will have it all at home for the family. Great job to Dean and his team. You see why we refuse to leave. God Bless.



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Just looked

This looks like an amazing tool to have access to! I looked at one address and info came up with lot of info not available yet in this area. I am excited to have this just not sure how to use it all yet but definately worth it!

FYI,I noticed when I was registering my account and my address that I wanted to look up the drop window where you put your state in the font is to big for the window, so you can't see your state completely.

You are amazingly gracious to all of us and God Bless you for it!



awesome tool...only had a few minutes to play around, but it def seems like it could be a HUGE help...Def worth a lot


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I agree with your feedback concerning the large font, because when I entered state I was wondering if I had the correct one in order to not lose one of my chances. Good feed back Hill.



"You can never get to the top, if you are not willing to climb. Do not look at the difficulty of the climb, only anticipate the view from the top."
"Can't even walk without you holding my hand." (Song)
"Is anything too hard for the Lord ..." Genesis 19:14
"In all things, wait on the Lord."
"Think not of your own deliverance, but trust in God who will give in abundance."
"When you are down to nothing, God is up to something." Unknown
"Our lives begin to end, the day we become silent about those things that really matters." Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Never cease to amaze!

I cannot believe the overwhelming amount of FREE tools provided. Dean and his staff are simply fantastic!

As always, thank you kindly Dean and staff. Your tools and inspiration provide a constant sense of urgency to move forward, to RACE for SUCCESS!

I can't wait to see what more is in store, over the next few weeks and months! Carry on with the Blitz!! Smiling
-Mike Hutchins

Very Powerful

The thing I appreciate about this tool is that it's so streamlined and efficient. For the serious R.E. Investor, it's going to save an enormous amount of time and also make the research process more sleek. Tools like this also take some of the monotony out of the process and convert it into something more enjoyable. I, personally, enjoy the research process in general because it's like discovering BURIED TREASURE, so to speak. However, this tool is very cool and makes that journey to discovery a bit more orderly, which is AWESOME!



Darius & Dana


Talk about amazing!! This is going to make looking up property info a breeze!! How much easier can it get!!


Love it except it is limited on the info for my state and surrounding states, boo hoo that what I get for living in the sticks. I would be willing to do the research for you to be inputted if you want me to. I am in WY, could do WY, SD, ND, NE, MT. Let me know. I looked up a prop in CO and got everything what a gift. Makes buying out of state a breeze because you give us everything we need to make an informed discission.

Thank you what a gift.

Nothing like it

Man it's going to be the best tool in my toolbox just got to checking out my house that im renting and my mom house and gave me so much info in just the same page all together man that would take time and had to open up like 5 or 6 pages to just get little info from all the others sites to make the big picture THANKS-THANKS-AND-THANKS !!!!!!!


Hi Megan,
I think this a great tool to have for support in researching the averages and comps that sold most recently. I found it to be easy to use and was quite accurate. It is important to have in this business access to info immediately and accurately. This is a great addition to foreclosurealert.com. Tell Dean I said thanks for never shutting down his creative thoughts at the end of the day, Thanks for giving us the cutting edge on this opportunity! Continued success to all........Lubertha



Have you ever noticed...

how Dean's been telling us to be prepared for big things, and then he DELIVERS?! I can't believe how generous you are! Thank you!

Analysis Tool

Hey Dean and Team,Great job!


Dare yourself to fail!


Would it be possible for Dean or one of the coaches to demo the site for us newbies? It would be awesome to watch a seasoned investor use the site to its fullest potential. Thanks!

Wow Dean...

Yall really out did your self. You have comparable prices, the trends, your using zillow and cyber homes,theirs an REIT chart, YOU EVEN TELL ME THE WEATHER! Thats awesome dean thanky ou so much and can't wait to know whats coming!


you never know until you find out...

Great Tool

I was able to go to the tool and put in data on some propeties that I'm working on and was able to get one of the addresses. The other address kept defaulting to another state. Overall I feel it will be helpful.


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I can't believe the amount of information Dean gives us for free. No one else comes close to what this team does. I am so excited about this new tool. I think it is great to have so much information in one place instead of going back and forth from site to site.

Thanks again and I can't wait for more!!!!!

What a great tool!

What a great tool! Definately excited to see the complete package. I want it!! Thanks Dean for your continual suprises.


All the Best in Life!




Fantastic tool. Shows everything you might need. The only suggestion I would make is in the bar where you enter the address to look up is to make it one entry, similar to cyberhomes.com. This would allow a "copy and paste" when going from one web site to the next. Also the ability to save our reports to my portfolio. Then we can keep track of deals we might be looking at. ie like zillow and cyberhomes.

Great tool

Great tool Dean team!!! Very easy to use, a little slow but not horrible. Its nice to see so much info in one place. What a time saver! Only suggestion, not sure if you can or not, but owners name and maybe tax info on the property.

Thanks again, can't wait to see whats next!

I checked it out today and

I checked it out today and my jaw dropped. Thanks for all the great stuff you guys provide us!


Looks good! I like the fact

Looks good! I like the fact that it has a rent analasis in it, sort of like rent-ometer.
Will we be able to save properties in a my favorites type of category. Will it give update notifications on those properties if anything changes on them? This way when you are watching a property and waiting for the price to drop you can get an e-mail giving you the an alert on changes to those properties.
I see great potential in this, The best thing is you are drawing idea's from your students which gives you a lot of different ideas and more minds to trouble shoot it.
Thank you Megan for all your hard work too Smiling

Great tool

All the information you need to make a fast call on a property on one web page is amazing. Sometimes I spend a lot of time going on different web pages to get some of this information and then I have to come up with my own analysis and now is all together, this is just fantastic....
In fact I just use it to put a price on a property I'm selling.
Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!


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Good stuff!

I'm glad you all like it! We have plenty of more features lined up that will be added and developed as time allows!

For now, enjoy the new tool and I will keep you updated on the progression and release of new features.

I know everyone does already, but use the links on the site to load up more detailed research on the sites like Cyberhomes and Zillow. They will love to see the traffic flowing from us using their data.

As I updated above, the limit on 3 reports for today have been removed, so have at it!

Simply Amazing!


I've read a hundred real estate books and none of which have provided the amount of information and tools that you share. With that said.....This is an amazing creation and we are truly blessed to have you teach us the ABC's of real estate investing! Thank You.

I agree with Mary, it would be helpful to list tax information as well as the homeowners name.

Thanks again Dean for all that you do!


Great Tool

Wish i had this option 6 months ago. Not long of a wait for good info.....Jan

Love the tool!

Hi Dean - thanks so much for this tool.

I had one problem - the map pointed to the wrong property (I know because I went by today and saw a for sale by owner sign on it). It looks like it was probably pointing to the right info otherwise, the estimate listed was in line with the townhouse rather than the SFH it was showing as the property.

Thanks again!

Great blitz information and tools that keep getting better!

Thanks for creating and sharing this great research tool with all of us. It is tremendous each week the amount of real tools and information that have been provided wit hthe blitz. Each week it gets better and we get up extra early to check out the latest information and free blitz surprises in our in-boxes. Thanks for keeping the DG Members informed and providing the latest and great tools! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Joe Jurek CPA

Great Tool!! Just what I've been....

trying to find after I sat with my agent and watched him using something pretty similar in nature. At least now I can access and use this valuable tool without being an REA, or Realtor and the best part about it is that it gives us all of the information that we need right at our fingertips. Great job DG and his team of experts!


Bryant Slade

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