Quick Q on the phone confrence!

Quick Q on the phone confrence!

In the letter I got today it says the call is today. it says: GO HERE AND REGISTER for tonight's call then it says You MUST get on this tele-seminar if it's humanly possible, because the last day you can get the
offer we are talking up so much is: Wednesday, the 22nd of this week and the call is tuesday!


~ Grace (If Donald Trump can do it YOU BETTER BELIEVE I CAN!!) btw I drew my display pic


go back to your emails and reread them carefully. Tuesday is a prelude to wen. which is the last day of the blitzkrieg.



The call


I did not see a question in your post, but the tele conference is tonight 9:00pm eastern, 8:00pm central and 6:00 pm Pacific time and you need to registr for that call, and the last day of the blitzkrieg info will be given on Wednesday.

Hope that helps,


I was just thinking this morning I hadn't seen you on here in a while. hope you are doin well. W/B

the call is tonight. the finale is tomorrow. the end of the blitzkrieg.

I actually called phoenix, az. to confirm what time it is there since parts of the country respond differently to daylight savings time. so grace the call for you is <<<<< 6pm tonight. >>>>> but check your emails because dean has sent us some great stuff.

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